(Everyone who gets the reference in the title gets a cookie.)

For a while now I’ve always wondered if I should actually do this. The blog thing. I’ve already tried and failed. Or gave up. Or forgot about it. Or… meh, I think you get the general Idea.

Got to say it right now, I’m not big on former-talk. I’m big on grammar. I’m also more prone to grumble and seethe about it than actually go all Grammar Nazi on someone. Too much time. Too much effort. In the time that it would take me to de-pants a mis-spelled word, I could have written something important. I don’t like wasting time, space, or any combination of the two. So, yeah, all stream of thought, compound sentences, split infinitives, and the like here.

Which careens the subject around back to the name. When I find the page of the hippie douche that took the name “stream of thought”, I’m going to grind him into a bloody paste. Verbally, anyway. Then again, my title is better, plus it has alliteration. Yay, alliteration.

Other than that, I hope that someone find me at least giggly. Slightly entertaining. Marginally enlightening. I don’t know, pick one.

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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