Mom’s Day, and other things that I may or may not care about

… I should make a snazzy little card to go with the flowers I arranged for her. Something that’ll really bring home how much I love her. “Dear Mom; I love you but there is absolutely no way I can believe in an all-powerful god, work a job in the ass-backward economy, or even be your perfect little girl anymore. But I love ya’! ;) Happy Mom’s Day!” Really heartfelt, that is. Yeah, no, probably not.

Fingernails. I needs to clean them. Or trim them. Or both. Meh, whatever.

Writing. That is the order of the day. I have other things to do, but writing is number one. I have $5 stuck in Helium limbo, and 25 bucks isn’t going to accumulate itself.

On the other hand, I just found out that I got about 100 from extra tax credit. I’m not in trouble until I have nothing. Doesn’t matter, outwardly, though. I hate that. Just because I’m not all loud, competitive, and outgoing, doesn’t mean I don’t do things. Just means I do them quietly.

Even she's surprised how bad it sucked. (Image knicked from TinyPic)

Superhero movies. Can’t live with them, can’t get a true emotional rise out of yourself without them. At least, I can’t. It’s the only thing that comics are good for anymore. Or is that just me? Been a lot of them on as of late. It’s like… “The Amazing Attack of Last Summer”. Or “Summer’s Past”. I saw Catwoman for the first time last night. Steaming. Pile. Of. Crap. Epically since they decided to put Batman Begins after it. Someone had a pretty big laugh doing that… “Let’s put that Catwoman movie right before Batman Begins. Get the full stink out of it.” That was worse than the Underdog remake. And that’s being nice…

And now League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is on. Wow. This really is “The Return of the Summers Past”.

Hmm. You know. I could actually get minutes for my phone. Why didn’t I realize that until just now? @_@ Doesn’t matter. That’ll be my project for the day. Yup, right after this… (Here’s the part where I bore myself to death in order to finish this.)

It is increasingly hard to stay atheistic, nihilistic, and anarchistic when commercials keep saying to do the opposite. Downright annoying. Damnit. The ‘end of the world’ isn’t coming fast enough. Maybe If I dumped some sludge in a river or two. Leave my lights on all day. Maybe use more plastic bags. Nah. Then I’d feel all bad. And I feel bad enough on a regular basis. And I might be getting kicked out of my own house tomorrow, so… yeah.

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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