Bad Wiring

Alright, note to self; paper-to-screen copying of my physical Morning Pages… No. Never again. I don’t even know why I thought that was going to work. So here we go. An hour of random-to-semi-random writing. I say this, because it usually take me anywhere between an hour to 45 minutes to finish three pages of mental ministrations. Yay, calculations.

Because of this, it might actually lead to me using actual subjects instead of the usual nothingness I get to do… everywhere else. Meh. So be it.

If I hadn’t already ranted about it, my mom went away for the weekend. Mother’s day and all. The other funny thing was that they’re out of back money from selling the other house. So they’re going to Atlantic City for the next few weeks. Think they’ll make out like Bonnie And Clyde on the slot machines. Personally, I prefer my Skinner Boxes to be virtual or mini-game in general nature. Tossing even a penny into a machine built to take 75% of what you put into it just seems a little dense-minded.

As assurance that the house was taken care of, I was left. Because my little brother is a raving idiot, my older brother is a workaholic and a shut-in, and I’m… something in between all that and about as responsible and loyal as Lassie. Yuck. Me with the head of a Border Collie. Ew. My Brain. It burns…

The horror... the horror...

… For some odd reason, the phone was unplugged, and so the entire enterprise of keeping each other posted on things was impossible. I take no blame. I shall merely state that I don’t like touching thing that aren’t mine like I used to, because if it broke it was always my fault and never the fault of the person that wasn’t around to tell me not to do it. And I’m serious about that.

To make matters worse, that rat little brother of mine was only here twice, and only stayed for the astoundingly short period of time that I can only calculate to be about 15 minutes. Total. Plus, he brought people into the house. I’m still flipping the coin on whether to tell Mom about that. If he had returned after the second time with the pizza or whatever he called himself getting for me, I might have forgotten about the whole thing. Never mind. Yes. I will tell her.

And then, there’s the fact that my stinky brother is sitting on the couch downstairs, as we speak, playing some game or another on his G1 DS. (Generation One Nintendo DS, for all the non-gamers. The chunky silver thing you play Mario on, for all the clueless parents.)

Yay, chunky.

I want this day to end already.Why? Because I do. The trash barely went out. I didn’t make the Recycling. I don’t know where my little brother is, and worst of all, I was told to “Enjoy the house”. I hate that. Don’t be cryptic with me, Woman. Tell me that you’re throwing me out after Mother’s Day, do it, and them be done with it, ok. I can get along  just fine without her ‘help’… … … Okay, that’s still up for debate, but… I can’t get a job if I’m not qualified to even take change, I can’t work full-time if part-time makes me sleep for ten hours straight, and I can’t write or draw if I’m too busy recovering from a day job. There. I said it. Now I have to say it to her… *gnashes head against desk and keyboard* hghghgghhjmjjhjjhjhjhmhjh.

When words fail...

Ugh. I need some random. Stumble me, Intratwebz.

You know, I’m starting to think that the bulk of ‘successful’ blogs consist of cute animals, crap pictures, and bad jokes. (I know… “what took you so long?”) Oh, and ‘fun facts’ that brainy-me already knew.  And I have to un-check ‘Native American’ on my list of Stumbling interests. They’re just as boring as we are.

song chart memes

Oh yeah. *sings* I found some awesome, I found some awesome! Check it out: Wires, man… WIRES! Some of the tangling looks… organic. According to philosopher and awesome person in general Alan Watts, humans are always trying to straighten things out, but here are examples of thinking otherwise.

I just had a disturbing thought. Why the hell would anyone let wires get that unsafe? Why?!? I’m flipping through all six parts of this, and the doom-count is just… rising. Electrical fires, electrocution, power outages, being trapped under the weight of them, or even being choked to death by them… O_O… *scribbles all that down to use in a story*

Yay, I have a story with a plot now! Egad, I love that feeling. That ‘Mad Scientist’ feeling that comes to me when I derive a concept or a character or even a whole plot. That’s why I write. It becomes a thrill. It’s the only thing that makes me feel whole. And when I can’t do it, when I can’t even lift myself up to sit at a desk to write, I feel I have no purpose. I can be as rich as a movie star, and it wouldn’t make me happy. Not really.

I am brilliant. *smug* A frontier town, on the brink of wilderness, developing magi-tech that eventually turns on them. Brill. I rock, SO hard right now. Aw, yeah. Who’s awesome? I’m awesome… *does a little dance*

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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