Furry Imagery

For some odd reason, I have no home internet, but that’s never stopped me, has it? The answer to that is ‘no’, if you don’t know me. This is going to severely debilitate my ability to write and survey the inter-tubes.

Other than that, how’s your day going? Better than mine I hope. I woke up from dreaming that I was fucking Asian ladies and porpoises with a hybrid-orca shlong. Take from that what you will.

Also, quick drink recipe. Mostly before I forget:

1 pack Grape Kool-Aid
1 pack Lemonade Kool-Aid
About 8 ounces of Cranberry Juice (1/8 of a half-gallon, if you’re an eye-baller like me)
Two cups of sugar
Half a large lemon, squeezed (optional)
About a gallon of water

As for the hardware, a pitcher works fine. BUT those gallon containers that juice comes in work better. If you use the bottle, a funnel comes in handy, too.

Make the Kool-Aid as per normal (Sugar, THEN packets), but stop before adding the water. Add the Cranberry Juice and lemon juice. Then add water (preferably in stages) and mix.

I’m no bartender, but it’s got a kick to it. And since I don’t drink alcohol, I have to settle for regular old sugar-sugar. As opposed to the complex sugar that alcohol is.

Almost forgot to set my timer. Only have an hour to get it all down. It that cheating? Maybe, but I can’t help but think that I need to catch up on cheating my way though life.  Besides, I had a lot to say right there, so I guess I should have expected that. Or not. You can’t expect yourself to forget. That’s like expecting the moon to turn colors when you aren’t looking.

My mind still coasts on the dream. It should. It was very powerful imagery. It was also very Furry imagery. Very lurid. It’s just like they say, too. Once you see something, it can’t be unseen. I’ve had opposite-sex sex dreams, but never so… random. I’m an anthro-lion, my name ain’t Flipper, it’s Simba. At least, it would be.

And I’ve tried Firefox again. Oh. I just had a horrible thought. Let me try… (gulp)… Internet Shit-splorer… … (starts biting nails)… Whew: It’s a global problem, not an isolated ditty. But I wouldn’t have put it past Microsoft to somehow infect FireFox. You know me; caution before common sense. :3

In any case, I need to wait for a few minutes, and all I have I’d either this or tarot cards to keep me busy. And the cards, they aren’t calling to me right now.

Gee, the door opened. It’s… Mom, I think. The footsteps aren’t labored, the breathing isn’t audible, so it’s not Mom’s obnoxious boyfriend. The footsteps are light and quick, so that rules out my little brother. Yup, Mom.

YAY, I FIXED THE INTERTUBES!… Kinda… sorta… Okay, all I did was unplug and plug a wire, but it makes me feel kinda big. Okay, really big. Meh. I should do stuff for myself more often.

Kool-Aid. What possessed me to even make anymore? NONE of us drink it like we used to, Mom’s never drunken it, and I doubt if my sugar-to-water ratio is safe for anyone in this house. But I make it. And it is delicious. Even warm from the hot water I use to dissolve all of said sugar into a whole solution. And it beats water.

I did some writing right before bed. I remember why I always did that when I was little. From about 10pm to midnight, the brain is just so pliable. Workable. Like clay or chewing gum. Like clay, I can mold it to just about any shape I need. And like gum, I can gnaw on it for as long as I need until all the flavor runs out. So I did the latter and had the best sleep I’ve had in a while.

I just steered the conversation right back to sleep, didn’t I? You know, I’m all for spirituality, but I still need to focus on the scientific and factual, as well. Or maybe I have been focusing on the scientific a bit harshly. Oh goody. The subconscious wants me to be more mystical. But I tried that. Goes nowhere pretty quickly. It’s not as though I have any real talent for it, either. My premonitions are always wrong. Tarot readings on other people are muddled. And a spiritual leader I am not. Just what am I supposed to do with that handy piece of information? Meh, I have all day for that.

All that dream really made me want to do was yiff an orca. Which I could at least simulate if I had the 60 bucks for the dildo. And if I didn’t owe my Mom 200 next month. I’m starting to think that this is all stress related… or that I need more masturbation in my daily routine.

There’s no getting my mind off it, though. I just searched Orca Sex. No reason. Livin’ on the edge. X3

Yeah, this is going to plague me all day.

Thank you, and have a better day than mine.

Oh, and orca penis (DON’T look if you value your eyes!)


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