Good morning. Good Evening. Good afternoon. Whenever this finds you, here’s hoping that any and all of this finds you in good spirits. Alcoholic or not.

In the interest of keeping my sanity, I’m actually going to utilize a single topic for more than a paragraph at a time. (I know. Daring. Brave, even…)

We have seen the future, and it is made of mushrooms. No, not the magical ones. Although, that would be nice… According to Garret Ohm at Top Cultured, mushrooms are being developed for use as a Styrofoam replacement. Think about it: You finish your lo mien, and then you dunk the package in some soy sauce and munch it down! Yum! Well… it LOOKS edible. And not everyone is a fan of the meaty fungi. Which is okay. Tossing it just means that it’ll biodegrade naturally.

It’s made by growing fungi in a mold filled with farming byproduct and allowing it to grow. The root systems of the mushy-rooms get so dense, that 1 cubic inch of the stuff has 8 miles of roots!

It’s called Greensulate (lending it to thoughts of using it as insulation, too). Certainly looks like insulation. Or corkboard. Whichever you think of first, I’m sure that if they get it past the noses of enough packaging companies, we’ll be seeing a lot less white, and a lot more brown.

Mushrooms... OF THE FUTURE!

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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