Nothing Day

For the better or the worst of it, I have nothing to say today.

So… kangaroo with a arrow in it’s face. Hopped around for a week like that. I’m not quite pleased with that, but it’s probably better than if it had taken it in, oh, say, it’s heart or leg or eyeball.

The real head-scratcher is why and how it got there. Who would have shot the arrow haphazardly enough (or well enough, for that matter) to have hit one of the most agile animals on the face of the sphere? Furthermore, why wouldn’t you go hunting for the arrow after? Archery is not a cheap hobby. Hopefully, they’ll eventually find the idiot, and most probably jail him for withe five seconds or the rest of his life.

It has also occurred to me that VGCats hasn’t updated in quite a bit. The top of the window reads “All work and no updates make Scott a dull boy” over and over. If I didn’t know it was a pun, I’d be worried about the guy. I know it’s about to be Convention Season, but, craps-alive, it’s been more than two weeks. It’s not like he has a nothing webcomic on SmackJeeves. He’s got his own site and everything. I blame Super Effective. Remember, creatives: think before you start that second project!

I used to take quotes and extrapolate the hell out of them. Ideas, dogmas, why the ‘prickly ones’ would always stay ‘prickly’, and why the ‘gooey ones’, like meself, would always stay ‘gooey’. Love, hate, life, death, food, drink, technical, vague… I used to scare a lot of parents and and make a lot of teachers proud. Heh… there’s a thought…

Feh… that was no use. I would suppose that I don’t feel philosophic enough right now. Everything is all… ‘Meh’. And then I shrug, and wonder what I’ll get when I press the Stumble button again.

xkcd... ghak

I hate capchas. There has to be some other way to prove that the person signing up for a site is human. Or at least, a way to nix all the spam that used to flood and kill forums and blogs

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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