I love the smell of Dead Toons in the morning…

Good morning. Good evening. Good afternoon.

Would it bother you to know that I’ve been washing dishes since about 10am? Bothers me. Bothers me a lot. I’m still shaking off the sleep, the frustration, and the odd sense of disdain that my mother’s boyfriend throws around like hearing his opinion on hard work would ever shake me from doing what I do best. Which is draw, write, and jabber on like a moron about where cartoons went wrong all morning.

Yeah. I’m confused, too.

“Furngully” is good animation, good story, but horrible characterization. The whole thing was animation wrapped around a moral wrapped around the World Wildlife Federation. Aboriginal stories paced in that sort of Don Bluth way that seemed like a good Idea at the time. Like “Rock-a-Doodle” and “The Pebble and the Penguin”. I saw “Furngully” this morning, and it made me want to cry. Not because it looked like Crystal died at the end but then she didn’t. Nope. I wanted to cry because the two guys working the Leveler had more personality than the Fay-folk.

Still, it was nice to hear Tim Curry’s voicework. He has that very round, burnt kind of color to his voice that few actors can pull off. Good animation, bad animation… doesn’t matter. Just cast Tim Curry, and it’ll pass. Want Proof? Mighty. Max.

Mighty Max. If there was ever an example of ‘Good Idea, Bad Execution’. Kid gets a red baseball cap in the mail, puts it on, and becomes a superhero. Sort of. ‘Doctor Who’-meets-‘Like Mike’. With heavy, HEAVY 80’s influence. And educational segments at the end. Sounds good right? Okay. Instead for the fact that it was 1993. Chronologically, there was a bit of a dip in Animation production for a few years. All that animation was thought to be good for was selling toys. Bottom line: There was an almost instantaneous drop in production value. First three-to-five episodes are at least watchable. Then the rest are crap. Or as near crap as the CEOs of the animation and toy companies can stand. I, while not all that proud of it, watch as a service to the good voice acting. Without it, the series just kind of falls apart.

Well. That was a rush. I really do enjoy ripping things like that apart. I should do that more often. Makes me feel all superior. XP

Something to think about…

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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