Random Announcement 1

Okay. I woke up with one killer of an Idea today… … … Wait for it… … “Toon Theory Tuesday”. I don’t care if you think I’m good at it or horrible for it, but the world of animation needs to be prepped for the operating table for a biopsy. The doctor shall be in every Tues. to do the dirty deed. Essentially, whatever I watched the morning of, the night before, or whatever seems to strike my fancy shall be the target. Patient. Whatever. Man, I hate it when I forget my own line of puns.

So as not to leave Games out either, “(Video) Game Theory Thursday” will take the same scalpel to games, as well. I might even go as far as to make goofy banners for this. Who knows.

The rest of the time shall be spent randomly. Fleebur gleeben, globen glowben. :3

Jesus Christ! It’s a Dragon!

Kimono Dragons. It would seem that they don’t have bacteria as a killing agent, but venom. Makes sense. Most lizards’ mouths are incredibly clean. Not that they brush: they’re just efficient eaters, for the most part. Lions, for example, have messier mouths (I should know. I am one… X3…) And, for their size, the method didn’t fit. And their prey would often die WAY quicker than it took for bacteria to actually germinate.

They JUST got around to scanning one of the mini-dinos under an MRI, and found six venom glands in their jaw. Six of the suckers. And they contain a venom that rivals snake venom, easy. Awesome stuff.

All that in mind, a villain with that kind of power would probably not be too far away. I love science. So many springboards for SciFi and Fantasy. Like Jaws (of James Bond fame) and Dr. No in one neat little package. And no embarrassing Lee Press-on nails. I mean, on his pinky? Really? I’m thinking Dr. No was either gay or bi…

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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