Unemployed Pride (?)

Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. I greet you like this, because there is a very badass zombie in an anime and I kind of liked his entrance. And life is but a plagiarism and a twist so that no on accuses you of stealing.

So I found this pic. Nothing special: I’m always finding things between writing stints. I can’t help but be reminded of my own situation. Even if I could find some drone job to work, I’d be worked right out of energy to do anything else but eat, sleep, and buy tokens so I can get to sad job and back. When I can’t draw or write, I feel like crap. So it’s either this, or get a job and go insane from the repetition. You can’t convince me otherwise. Maybe you can work your brain into numbness, but I can’t. You can’t do what you don’t feel.

Lookit that handsome devil. :3

Stayed up late last night. (Don’t you always, Jenn?) Found a cluster of episodes from “Batman: the Animated Series”. Good, GOOD stuff. Might extrapolate it on Tuesday. He had some fascinating enemies, in AND out of the comics. Let just say that there are people in Gotham more effed-up than Bruce Wayne.

As for tomorrow’s article, I have no clue. I have too many Ideas, and not enough focus. At first, my past addiction to Pokemon seemed like ample fodder, but if I don’t think I have the space for that. Pretty wide subject…  I figure I’d hit up TvTropes, hit Random, and catch whatever I get.

What I really need to do is finish plotting and write something, but that’s taking longer than anticipated. Plus, I’m disinterested in it. Which means I need to plug my interest somewhere else so that I can get my ‘writing oomph’ back. It’s not a Writer’s Block. I know exactly what I want out of the plot, when it’s going to happen, and I even remembered to try and keep all the plot elements evenly keeled. There’s just something missing. Or I have too much. I’ll figure it out later.

Skateboard. I should go skateboarding. It would be a complete abandonment of my plan for the day. But it’s so bright and sunny out. This calls for a coin-flip…

OK. Apparently, I’m going skating today. Without my mp3 player. Screw. I let my little brother borrow it. Then again, I never let a little problem like that bother me. All I need a clear area to ride in. OH, and I can get some tokens while I’m at it.

Yeesh. I hate it when I plan things. I get so upset when things don’t turn out the way I planned. It’s not so outward anymore, but I used to pout and cry and brood. I’ve got it down to just the brooding. I’m probably the president of Brooders Anonymous. You know. If I cared.

The only people with skateboards around here are virgins and kids. I’d need to go downtown to even find someone remotely worth friending and riding with. Not even. The nearest free skatepark is at Pattison, neat the stadiums and stuff. And I’m not good enough for any skatepark. I can barely get up speed.

I wonder if I’ll get shooed away. That would be so stupid. During the day, there are two… no, three stretches of parking lot that never get used, and they’ll still tell me to get lost. I know it. I know how society works. No matter how senseless and silly the rule, it’s enforced all the same. Want a rule changed? Sprinkle a couple of thousand dollars on it, click your heels twice, and say, “There’s no place like Capitalism” three times. I’m done ranting… I think…

One can never be done ranting. I can’t, anyhow. And onece I figure out ghow to market this talent, I’ll throw 2000 bucks in my Mom’s face. Foo’…

I’m getting tired of Squidoo. Would someone explain this site to me? It’s like Wikipedia with bright orange all over the place, and no one editing it. What the hell am I supposed to do with this? It’s unwieldy-looking, awkward, squished, and oddly unspecific.

Yeah, that was another rant, wasn’t it? Meh… 6.6…

I need a new MMO to play. I feel like I’ve said this before, but I do. I need a new MMO to play. There, I just said it again. Ragnarok wore thin months ago. Something about meeting people, even virtually, that makes me want to wretch. Just thinking about it makes me sick. I’m going to go looking for games, before the neurotics set in…

I’m tired of MMORPGs trying to be side-scrolling beat-em-up. Be one. Be the other. Unless you’re bring something new and interesting to the melee (COUGHMapleStoryCOUGH), don’t show it to me. Draconica, Rose Story, all of you; please learn what the word ‘dynamic’ means. Thank you.

Waitaminute… Earth Eternal is finished announcing all 22 of their character races. And it’s almost Summer. I think I have a good Idea on how soon the release is going to be: Really soon. >:3

Thank you and have a nice day.


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