(V).G.T.T.: ‘The Implacable Man’ in action

Omg, we gon’ DIE!!!

Hurray. It is (Video) Game Theory Thursday, and I’m writing this out of sheer boredom. :3

As defined by TvTropes, in simplest terms, the Implacable Man is the character that just simply cannot be defeated by outright, conventional means. “Cannot be moved. Cannot be stopped,” so it states in the Laconic.

The fascinating thing is that you would think that a mechanic like this, in a video game, would detract from it’s value. But even in logical terms, it’s more likely to spawn equal sections of hate OR love in a fandom. Gee, imagine that. 9_9…

So why the picture of the shiny deity of death and rape? Well, mostly because I was thinking that of I was going to talk about unstoppable forces of doom, I might as well talk about the one that scares me the most.

First off, his appearance. Not exactly the cleanest guy. The shirtless thing, plus the skirt, plus the twenty-pound pyramid mask. Guy looks like an escapee from a 12th century nuthouse. And he couldn’t find the key to the torture device on his head. So he kills people because of it. And all this was in my head before I read up on the game or attempted to play it…

Secondly, he’s near impossible to avoid any other way than running. Stay and fight, you die. Forget which room he’s in and come back to it, you die. Get stuck because of horrible game controls, you die. (I’m sorry, Survival Horror, but you do it to yourselves. Not a fan of the genre, but the problem-solving turns out to be fun, and I like a good mystery.)

Lastly, (OMG, Spoiler Alert) this pyramid goon, along with the rest of the town of Silent Hill, might have been all in the hero’s head. The whole stretch of the the town, every npc and enemy, a hallucination. The death of his wife was the only certain thing. Which would mean that he was actually insane to begin with. Which means that Pyramid Head was a part of him. The initial ‘Eww’ out of the way (+_+;), you can extrapolate this further and assume that our hero killed his own wife and, upon that happy revelation, killed himself. At least, that the assumption of the fandom. Yay, split personalities.

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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