Romanji, Fans, and Books (amongst other things)

Ohaio. Konichiwa. Konbanwa. You would think that the English dictionary coded into FireFox would have the correct romanized forms of other languages built into it, but no. English is a virus, but it hasn’t infected the planet that badly yet. Whether that’s the problem or the solution, one can only guess.

Mom got all the fans and stuck all four of them in the usual strategic windows. Turns out, that’s just how hot it is outside. So I now have a large-ish box fan pumping hot air back out my window. Outside. Where the hot air belongs. As a result, everything I turn on has to be turned up about 25% higher so that I can hear it. I also predict that, when confronted with dead silence, my ears will ring. Always. Never fails.

Lots of reading to do today. Which is what usually happens when you take out three books instead of one. Of course, I’m going into a mini panic right now. I can’t remember when the things go back to the book-pound. Meh, I’ll try the website later.

Hehe. Book-pound. I wish I could borrow kittens or puppies like we borrow books now. That would be awesome. They have places in Japan where you can pay for an hour of sitting around, sipping tea, playing with cats. That would be awesome, too. It would save the SPCA a lot of heartache and crap for killing animals after three months of taking up precious space in their cramped puppy jails. Just a thought.

I used to always borrow the Lee J. Ames “Draw 50” books. I drew my first cats that way. I first noticed how much Sonic looked like Felix the cat while drawing out of one of those books. And if I hadn’t picked up the book on trucks and cars, I’d be clueless on how to even start drawing machines.

And what about the Ed Emberley series? Those books are amazing, even now. I don’t even remember the titles, but who knew you could do so much with triangles, circles, squares, and rectangles? I wonder if they still print those…?

Meh, enough reminiscing. Hurts. Just a little. Things aren’t so simple anymore. Can’t just sit and draw and write and watch TV all day. There’s the Internet, too! :D

(Alright, wasn’t that funny, but it bears weight.)

SO there’s this guy in Anchorage, Alaska that lives with the bears. He sits with them, feeds them cookies and pets them on the belly like a bunch of puppies. There are several very sad and bloody punchlines here, somewhere. And when I think of them, I’ll come back and slap it somewhere in this general area. He’s been doing this for 20 years, unscathed, but now the government wants him for “20 counts of illegally feeding game”. All because he was featured on an Animal Planet special. I don’t know who should be more embarrassed: the guy feeding the bears who got caught via TV, or the local authorities for not catching him sooner.

Also, guess who might be inspired? :3

How many animals do you see? (Click the pic to see it in detail)

Totally random, but what is it with moms and heaping food onto a plate. Most moms I’ve seen do this. It’s like the more food there is, the more they love you. Or some kind of inverted way of making up for not loving someone. Either or, everything does is becoming more and more suspect. I hate being this way. I wish the tiny little voice that make me think everyone is out to get me would stop.

And I don’t quite remember-remember Evangelion, but this guy, I remember. XD

I don’t remember-remember, but the feel of the ending. Of BOTH series. You never forget that. I mean, what the hell were they thinking?! @_@ … Geh, just thinking about it makes me dizzy. I can’t explain this right now. Maybe I’ll polish the idea and post it on Tuesday.

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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