Everyone is a Fan of Something. Everyone.

Ohaio. Konichiwa. Konbanwah. Focus if for those who can focus. As for me, I just wade my hands in the pool of consciousness and see what I get.

I try never to be a fan of something. Doctor Who and it’s universe is one of my few weaknesses. Tom Baker is my favorite old-schooly Doctor, and Ten will probably forever be my Bishie. Then again, two words: Jack Harkness. Meanwhile, SEGA keeps breaking my brain with their current betrayal portrayal of the Sonic series. I’ve just about given up on everything Sonic but the one thing that they never really did change: the philosophy of the character. “If you’re going slow enough to worry, run faster.” Or, moreso, if you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do? Genki-boy logic, really, but if more people realized it and lived that way, there’d be a lot less belly-aching, and a lot more stuff getting done.

And now, I’ve fallen, hard, for another series. Does the name Harry Dresden ring a bell with anyone? It better. Mix one-part detective story, one-part magic story, and throw in a dash of 1990’s live-action prime time tv show, and you get something the likes of The Dresden Files, as written by Tim Butcher. I have to say, I’m in love. Not just because the dark and modern tone, or Harry’s Peter-Parker-esque wisecracks, or even the fact that I keep animating it in my head with the art style of Disney’s Gargoyles. All good draw-points, but there is something even more awesome about it. The fact that if I were writing about an ‘everyman’ wizard who has the darnedest luck and a tragic past, this would be at about the clip and tone and style that I would write it in. This series give me hope for what I do myself. Great: now if only I could finish something…

(Sidenote: Screw ME, there was a series?!? Ef’. Me. X(… )

I awoke with ideas, so that’s always a good sign. I’ll slip out for a snack, then come back and start writing… or coloring. Even if I finish the page of comic, do I dare post it anywhere? No. I’m tired of this. Yes, I DO post it somewhere. I in fact I post it everywhere I can.


Never mind. Not for me. Their house, not mine. They can have whatever people in it they want.

Oh, the humanity!

That’s the thing about having a train of thought. Sometimes people wreck it.

So, there’s this guy in Russia that jumped out of a fifth story window. Twice. He didn’t break a single bone. I’m thinking it was the Smirnoff. Alcohol does that to people. You know, makes them nuts. Says that he had no clue why he did it the first time, but when his wife started fussing at him, he figured that he should leave the room. Through the window. Priceless. XD

Also, there’s this Dutch guy that makes wetsuits. Wetsuits with shark bites in them. And not the cheesy, stylized shark bites. No. These shits look real. “Okay, being different is one thing, but having a look which will mentally scar children making sandcastles on the beach and leave them scared of the sea seems a bit excessive.” … And while that maybe true, I’d actually love to see the designer come out of the water in that wetsuit and watch the ensuing mayhem. Because I’m just that evil.

Sometimes I wonder if its the days we live in or the things we watch. Rather much like discussing the whole chicken/egg thing. But Zombies. I mean, really. You either hate them, love them, or want to be one. While the science inserted behind it (for the sake of plot, mind you) may actually twist and writhe it’s way into reality, I doubt it. And yet everyone has a survival plan not slapped together for the sake of surviving a nuclear war, but in order to survive a zombie outbreak. Good effort, bad thinking. In closing to this mini-rant, If I ever see anyone have a conversation with their kid that even grazes this level of unreality, I’m going to die laughing.

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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