1, 2, skip a few, 99, 100…

Slight malfunction yesterday. Interwebs went all buggy. All fixed now, tho. I’m thinking it might go out again soon, tho. It’s not like libraries don’t have computers, it’s just that I want to avoid that possibility for as long as humanly possible.

Don’t you scold me. I’ve been writing my Morning Pages long hand about every other day. And I’m not going for super-duper popularity, here. Just one or two hits a day. Just a glance every now and then.

Writing’s been going well. For a while, I’ve been trying to use third person. Third person has never felt right to me. So I decided to go back to good ol’ first person. With all that I learned from changing voices, it looks better than I had ever seen before. i don’t recognize my own style. In a good way, tho. It’s me underneath it all, but I see exactly where I was pulling this and that from… It’s hard to explain when I’m not looking at my writing and comparing.

The library. I’m looking that up now. I need to see when my books go back… The sixth. Awesome. I feel better. I’m not one for planning things. I just like knowing things.

Can’t get bogged down now. But I feel suddenly adrift in feelings that I should probably put a lid on until the sun goes down again. Those hot, seering, pulsating, fuzzy feelings that overtake all your crazy-talk of common sense and stealth, and make you scream out at night like a howling banshee… … … I’m sorry, did I say something incriminating? o.o…

I need to occupy my mind. Apparently, writing is not enough.

Okay, Stumbled up a page full of tutorials. Ooo. Flash tutorials. Click.

Booo. Tutorials are always boring when you don’t have something specific to try to learn how to do. Becomes as moot as a function as looking for things to eat when you’re really not all that hungry.

I have nothing mentally. I should have probably ventured an actual meal instead of carefully skipping around my own mom in order to get a cup of tea and little else. The banana will get me started. If I go out again, I’ll get some walnuts or pistachios or something else munchy.

I want to go to England. No reason. Just want to be somewhere different. England is a place where I don’t have to really learn that much more language-wise, and the food doesn’t seem as fattening as “You Are What You Eat” would have you think. It’s more like the US, with more beans.

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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