My Sunday Can Kick Your Sunday’s Butt…

Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. You’d think I’d have found a new catch line by now, but then again I forgot to even do this this morning. Hows that for thinking?

No lawnmower or blower sounds today. Just lots and lots of church-fags parking up and down our usually-empty streets. All because we have a super-church built down the block about a year and a half ago. Freakin’ chruch-fags. Then they pile into the oh-so-convient all you can eat buffet closer up the street, or stop by Wal-Rape and Wal-Pathmark in order to pick up some Sunday dinner. It’s the perfect circle of American Consumerism.

I’m grumpy. Can you tell?

Let’s see… what else do I hate?… …

Hey, hey, the gang’s all here. :3

Not a subject of hate, but I saw FLCL last night, in it’s entirety. I love the internet. I love StumbleVideo. And I love the way that Naota charged up, possessed by Atomisk’s power, came tummulting down on Haruko, only to stop, change back, and kiss her. SO stealing that. Stealing that so fast, it hurts. With all the Mind Screw and tributes. Some are obvious (like that relentless stream “Lupin the Third” shout-outs and the “South Park” scene in the same episode), some not. Seriously, took me three times watching to figure out that the gunfight in the barber shop was a shout to “Dead Leaves”, and The Captian himself might be a holla to D.L. as well. The scenes of the inner town remind me of ‘Fireflies or something else Ghibli. And speaking of Ghibli, the some of characters look like they could stand in for some of the main characters in said films… if they didn’t all squash and stretch like a Warner Brothers cartoon. It’s been called “Looney Toons on LSD”, after all. Love it or hate it, It’s a hell of a lot better than Evangelion. Ugh… makes me sick just thinking about it…

Before that, a few episodes of Samurai Champloo popped up in the same manner. Not something I would be thrilled to watch every week, but good enough. I’ve seen the first two episodes, and I’m just not compelled to watch anymore. It seems like they were trying to take a badass story about two ronin samurai and a chick, and market it to the Bloaxafication* crowd (*Spelling, please). Literally of you read the linked article and think about it. Isn’t that hard a task; there certainly was enough blood, sex, and violence. If they had taken two different plot lines (A past one and a present one) and had the two plots be similar-but-different throughout the season, and kept all of the same basic elements… Then it might have piqued my interest.

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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