Extra 1

Oky-doky, time to make like Anime and drop some filler. Why? Because I’m a bastard, and I like this place enough to try to not leave days blank. And I’d like to not use two hours of my day on WordPress today. Sue me.

This is a typed-out version of my older Morning Pages, inevitably changed through the virtue sad fact that I’m an editor before I’m a writer. Enjoy.


Catwoman, as a movie, is a steaming pile of poo. The pacing is off (even morso because of the ‘formatted for TV’ cuts). Daredevil was better. Hell, Underdog was better than that, and that says a lot…

Characters are off. (So I read a comic or two… or twelve… or twenty… Sue me.) Halle Berry is hardly acting. And I cheered more for Sharon Stone’s character than Catwoman herself. The villain is not supposed to be that big of a dark horse. They just aren’t. Not unless you’re played by Heath Ledger. (Good luck on getting THAT to happen again.) The point of any narrative is to control perception, not simply mask it while you go though the motions. Of course, if one is more perceptive than others (like myself), these things stand out.

But still.

Catwoman is a steaming pile of crap.

Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Also, they had the NERVE to put Catwoman on before Batman Begins. As if the first movie couldn’t or didn’t demonstrate just how bad it was by itself. Nope. “Let’s sit this piece of trash next to a damned-near masterpiece, just to get the full stink out of the trash.”

Superhero movies, piss-poor or par-excellence, have a way of boosting your ego. You go in feeling like crap, and an hour-and-a-half later you ARE a hero. Sometimes you need to think like a hero. Because no one is going to champion your causes for you.

Commercials. I hates them so. Contradictory pieces of poo. Snickers ads read better on paper. Stop trying to relate to people by showing ‘normal’ situations. And if I see another stylized station ID, I might just throw the controller. Don’t get me started on military recruitment commercials…

That’s it. Sound down. But, see, that just makes it silent. Which is no better than… gnashing your head against a wall… … …

Batman was good. Of course. Notice how quiet I was, as well. On paper, it was a mere line away, but hours have passed, my friend. Hours. I was playing Pool, as well. Tea made me jittery. But I need the boost. And, besides… it’s not like I’m going anywhere or doing anything tomorrow. Or the day after that. Or the day after that. Or the day after that. Yeesh, when I put it like that… -_-;

MIIB. Borderline-crap movie. It’s what happens, I think, when you do a sequel after firing half of the original writers. It just doesn’t feel the same. Click. Ace of Cakes. Mmm. Yummy AND educational. :3 Ooo, no-no-no… NOVA! Nothing like documentaries to stimulate the mind.

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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