The power of Pikachu compels you!

Good morning. Good evening. Good afternoon. At least to all that forgive me for yesterday. If it makes you feel any better, I spent yesterday trying to play this on my 3+ year old machine. Was it sad? You betcha… On levels that I can’t even begin to extrapolate on. But if I’m as annoyed about it as I think I am, I could take a crack at it.

I was up at about 8. All bright-eyed, bushy tailed, and raring to go. After about two sips of tea and three episodes of Flapjack later, I just wanted to know when lunch was. It’s like they put opium in tea or something. I also slated to do this later in the day. After all the freshening up in the world short of an actual bath, I just sat for a minute. Not in a self-questioning ‘What the hell do you think you’re doing?’ moment. No. I just didn’t feel like it. Not until after I did this. I’ll venture to say that this has become a permanent fixture in my life and leave it at that.

Another MMO would be nice. Monato turned out to be more than my computer could handle. I kinda should have known when I saw that the ground was blue and red: sort of a precautionary measure built into the game, I think, so that smoke doesn’t start to rise from the air holes etched in my compy’s frail metal frame. It was nice for a few moments to think that I had something there. Then the warnings came up (Low visual memory), and the game started to skip, and many tears were not shed as I promptly uninstalled the offending game.

“Why don’t you play ‘insert name of a 2D or simpler 3D MMO’?” Because I already tried that. Furcadia*, Second Life*, and IMVU* would have you either buy or build whatever you like. No limit. Which leaves one to scramble for an idea in the midst of infinite possibility. And IMVU has spyware in it. I kid you not. Maple is repetitive, and item purchase system is rigged for maximum profit. Ragnarok tries, but I can’t help but wonder why becoming a merchant had to be so complex and why my thief is stuck fighting Pickys until an update to that section of the map or until I grow to level 30. Which would take forever, even in a group. Rumble Fighter is just chibi Power Stone with stages that are sometimes too big or too small for their own good. And no items to make up for it. DOMO was under-worked, even for when I was playing it in beta. And if anyone names this game, I’m gonna rip your tongue out, tie it in a hex knot, and shove it down your throat.

(*Note: Search them yourselves. I refuse to purposely lead you to suck and torment. The others at least have a glimmer of satisfying some people. Even the last one.)

Deep. Cleansing. Breath.

So, where does this leave me? Between Pokemon and boredom. -_-; I can’t get hooked to Pokemon again. It’s like… Monster Rancher on acid, speed, and opiates at the same time. It’s the only game that I could play all day and all night and justify it. Like an anime fan looking for the next mind screw or bishie-laden plot, I would quest and formulate EVs and IVs in order to plan for the perfect pocket monster. And that’s before I even calculate in the Natures and the sub-natures and the breeding moves. @_@ Much like TV Tropes, Pokemon will ruin your life.

I’m going to end up flipping a coin on it. I know it. I’ll flip a coin on it, it’ll say ‘no’, clear as day. And then I’ll pick up my DS anyway and start familiarizing myself with my Blazaken ‘Gen’ and my Infernape ‘Infernal’. Yes, I name my ‘mons. No, you can’t have any eggs I hatch. Unless you have a shiny. *_*

It already has a hold on me. @_@ Help me… Help meeeee… T_T

I can already remember the words of Poke-thullu flooding though my mind, driving me insane. I cannot be swayed by the words of the Pokenomecron. I will not! *triumphant pose* … … … But there’s a video game tourney in a couple of weeks. Just one… no one would know… >.>… <.<…

(insert insane laughter)

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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