Denial, realizations, and bears, oh my…

Good Morning. Good Afternoon. Good evening. I think that it is important to say that we all have addictions. Mine, fortunately, are all still legal: sugar, caffeine, randomness, and cartoons.

Bear Nuts. Read it. Read it now and be privied to the fact that if there were ever rejects from Care-A-Lot, these would be the guys. Just… Read it.

The only thing that get’s me is that it’s WP-powered. They even recognize my IP and tag my piccy from here on there. Weird, huh? I constantly curse myself for not having a natural flare or want for comedy. Other than dark comedy. Like… Hertzfeld-dark. While there may be an actual market for it, I figure that it’s either very small or extremely hard to keep constant. I lapse back and forth between the easy gut-shots to the avant-garde stuff, as far as complexity goes. Violence is easy. Comedy is hard. Or some other saying that I can think of that states that comedy is more complex than drama or action.

The only thing stopping me is me, actually. But it doesn’t make me feel all that bad at all. Not that bad. I’d just need the mindset to st down and think of ideas. But that’ll put another project on top of my book. What the heck?

I have about 45 bucks to my name. That’s my issue. I’m coasting between planning and panicking, so I guess that’s the real issue. Creativity only comes to those who are not stressed. So tell you what I’m gonna do… I’m going to huff-it to the bank, yoink 20 out of my dwindling funds, buy some tokens and a couple of snacks, and I’m going to watch cartoons for the rest of the day. I can’t take it. I need a day. Fuck writing for just twelve hours or so.

I’m not even focusing on this. Not really. I have the comic I just linked above in another tab, and when I get to the end of that, I’m gonna load up another. I have mt headphones on (my embarrassingly-big-studio headphones) and that’s up as loud as I can take. I just really need to numb myself today so that I don’t end up laying in bed all day, curled up and muttering nonsense to myself.

Well, crap… Thank you, and have a nice day.


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