Brain Fluff and Mental Erosion

Good morning. Good evening. Good afternoon. My brain is full of fluff, my mind if full of crap, and my belly is full of nothingness. No matter how much I eat.

Life is all numbers and money to my mom and her pet hog boyfriend. Here’s hoping that they die slow and horrible deaths.

Dreams are my portal into what urks me and what pushes me, but i think that the conscious part of you has to be working at 100% before you can piece anything together. Helps if you didn’t rat a butt load of sugar the night before, too. I’m going to hand-wave that point. I’ll just throw another to the insane plea.

I think I should just finish all my supply gathering, and be on my way. I’s rather be shot, raped and murdered that stay here where they can play vulture on my feelings. Maybe I’ll go up north and find a group of freegans. That might turn out alright.

Gotta get some dumpster-diving duds, too. Gloves, boots, trashy clothes, and on-the-spot booties for me feet. I know. “Eww.” Get over it. There’s a street full of stores, a strip mall, and a bigger mall just a bike ride away. Try to stop me… Heck, I could go out tonight if I wanted. Hmmm. If I can find nothing in the cupboards, I go off to lurk the dumpsters for foods. >:3

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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