The Hedgehog of Resourcefulness!

Good Morning. Good evening. Good afternoon. Me thinks I really did loose my brain. It seems that I can’t even type my own name in today. Needless to say, I had to change my password. Twice.


I dreamt about hedgehogs last night. Not the big blue and pink ones, either. Just as adorable, tho. Hmmm…

*’Uncle’ does research…*

* Energy
* Vitality
* Fertility
* Intuition
* Protection
* Perception
* Intelligence
* Resourcefulness

… I like that last one. “Resourcefulness”. Part of me likes it because it uses two suffixes legally, but the other part of me likes it because it’s the kind of thing I need to see right now. And even though it was raining in the dream, me an little mister Hedgey had all kinds of fun. Um… not like that. More like… shadow puppets and hide and seek.

Either or, staying or going, it makes me feel better. Way better. I think I’ll even skip on the dishes today. Just a thought. And inkling. A premonition, if you will. They try to appreciate it, but I don’t think they really realize what it’s like to be me. And I has stuff to do.

There’s the library downtown, then the bank. And that last token… My little brother better be thinking of all the money I lent him and never got back. Just one token, and a butt-load of change. Something tells me that he’s trying too hard to fit in. Or not to be like me. Which is okay. He thinks it’s so horrible to be without a home, to be in a place where you’re controlled, but we’re always being controlled. I guess until my young ‘Siddhartha’-like friend sees that (or until he learns to pay himself first before he pays his bills), he’s stuck relying on other people for extra cash.

At least I know I can lean on him later with all kinds of guilt. >:3

… Maybe I should swipe or buy a bucket. Rain collection and all. And a strainer. It’s probably illegal in PA, so I might have to be crafty… Apparently, it’s okay in Colorado.

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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