Mint Countdown + PKMN

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. In an effort to stay conscious, I shall try to suck the nutrients out of a single after-dinner mint. Wish me luck…

Fatso McExBoyfriend is still in the process of getting the heck out, so I have to keep a low profile and stick to my room. Which would be fantastic if I had a hot plate, a pot, and a can of Chef Boyardee. And this is all if. Meaning I’m freakin’ starving.

But that’s ok. I still have about… half a mint left.

In a preemptive sidenote, it isn’t just screenies…

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that this screen shot comic is called “Let’s Play: Pokemon FireRed”. I’m thinking she GameSharked it, else there wouldn’t have been a Gulpin for her to even have had. Then again, it was late, and I might have not have read it right. The whole thing is a good (good and funny, that is) approximation of what it would have been like if our universe had Pokemon instead of our animals. And the same “vidjya games”. Read. Read now, or I’ll stab you.

45% of the mint left. :(

I’d be taking hilarious piccys, but my processing speed is iffy. In fact, I dare compare it to my own brain; lots of potential, but a lot of crap bogging it down… I don’t care how many times WP saves a draft, I’d still be pissed if my computer froze because I had the camera’s sucky, bloaty program up.

15%… whoo, boy. This might be a close one…

Aaaaaaaaannnnnnd, gone. T_T. Water. I’ll fool my belly with water…

Ahh. Fresh out the bathroom tap. Now. I was going to talk about something, but my mind was otherwise occupied. Oh yeah.

So I’m playing Pokemon last night. Breeding guys, hatching eggs so that I can get a female Altaria so that can breed moves. Felt… right some how. I didn’t loose any of the rare berries I planted either. Average uber-rare berry takes 4-5 days a stage and will refruit 3-4 times. (Don’t quote me. Lookitup.) I’ve been not-playing for about three months, meaning that they were at about their last or next-to-last growing. Man, did I pick a hell of a time to turn on a game. O_O

And planning Mon’s is still second nature, so that’s good. Of course, it was only a lowly Arbok, and it’s only going to be yet another speedy physical attacker. Nothing special. Just a warmup piece.

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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