Hot Tea on a Muggy Day (and other things I did wrong today)

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. Would the owner of the humid, hot weather parked over Philadelphia please comeback and claim it. I think it’s overheating.

In addendum, it is hot. Freakin’ hot. Hotter than the space between a scene kid’s ass cheeks in those tight ass jeans. You know who you fuckers are. Get a size larger. It won’t hurt. Hell, it might even hurt less.

I did some more writing last night. I’m tenderly fighting the urge to send my first chapter somewhere to be glossed over and ripped apart. It’s not like I don’t trust other people. I trust them fully. I trust them to be the same ol’ mean bastards that I spent most of my school days avoiding. Only they bear an interest in writing. I’d personally rather hear cutting remarks from an editor with a hernia in their side, a chip on their shoulder, and an eagle-like glint in their eyes. That way I might even be able to beg for exact advise after they gnaw my arm off.

Another question bites at me every now and then. “Should I participate in the Furry world at large?” Most of the time, my brain answers in a resounding ‘Meh’. But lately… lately I don’t know what’s up with me. It’s not like going to Furmeets and Conventions will make my life any fuller. It’ll certainly make them busier. I don’t know, really. I’ll look into it.

I’m actually tired and exhausted from this morning. As advertised earlier, I’m staying out of my Mom’s bf’s way, for he is (supposedly) moving out. Frankly, I’m starting to think that this was some sort of mental play to get me to stop buying up survival gear or hanging out downstairs, but that failed and I’m still going to get it all. Also, give me a few days and I might just start watching TV downstairs again. Bitches.

In anycase, I had to walk to Funkin Donuts to get some tea and a nice boston cream. Yummy. After I filled up on caffeine and sugar, I bought up some snacks to tide me over until dinner. I’m still gathering my brain up from the floor through a straw. And that was a half an hour ago. Yay, lack of nutrients. @_@

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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