Cats in mah Hed… T_T

Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. The earlier you wake up, the less you think about silly things. Like “should I get up now or wait an hour?”…

Ever since I could remember, my mom has always had a monster in the basement. Even if the proverbial basement wasn’t even a part of the same house. I called him my older brother. Lost and confused himself, he would defy and disapprove of Mom even to this day. The one time she didn’t have a monster to torment her, she was lonely. Then she moved in to take care of Gran’ma. And then, when she lost her, she got a boyfriend. Who more than made up for the monster department. My gosh; when people pull Hell down on themselves, it’s even harder to tell them so.

Okay, happy things now…

My Swablu egg hatched last night. Peck, Thief, Growl, and Haze. The last one being the operative move. Allow me to explain the first part of my evil plan…

From Bulbapedia:


A moveset with Haze in it. Much like a Spiker, it can have any combination of moves along with Haze. Fast Pokémon and those with high defenses, such as Altaria and Articuno, make good Hazers.

I hate players who use offensive leads that rely on Swords Dance, Bulk Up, or any of its ilk. I don’t know why I hate them. I just do. They’re annoying. They’re common. And I just want them to go poof. After I’m done with this Mon’, I should be able to do that at will. Pokemon teaches you that there is ALWAYS an answer. :D

Because no one is tired of this joke. Honest.

Honestly, who sits around and thinks, “Hey, what if I made up a list of totally fake but totally funny things that Chuck Norris can do?” Just something I found. Nothing to really say here.

I’m so random today. Listen to this: Passion Pit – Sleepyhead (Neo Tokyo Remix) Before day’s end, I’m going to need this song. It’s so insanely happy. And yet so happily insane. I just… need this song… *_*

And moar funny… Goes with the song, too. o_O

I… I think I’m done. ^_^;;

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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