Cats That Walk on Two Feet… *_*

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. I’m a little later along than I thought I would be, but I’m way, WAY ahead by any of my other standards. So I call it even. :3

I broke out of my existential funk with a vengeance. The cure was simple, really. I played all my favorite games, watched all my favorite shows, and found some new things too. I just needed a day of doing what I wanted to put it all back in perspective. When you act like yourself, TRULY yourself, you make it harder for yourself to worry about what other people think.

This still does not contain the full awesome. You must watch them walk to feel the cool. =*_*=

Speaking of Aseops, I saw “The Cat Returns” for the first time last night. First off, wow. (You watch anything Ghibli for the first time, you have to get that out of the way first.) Secondly, talking cats. :3 Thirdly, talking cats that can walk on two feet or four. |3 Lastly, talking cats that can walk on two feet or four AND have their own kingdom. =*_*= Nothing could keep me from dying from the furious, Furry awesome. It’s like a Bluth film in Japanese! Only no odd mouth movements… And I didn’t even scratch the surface of the plot, the symbolism, and the usual excellent animation. I was floored with glee by the end of it.

What really got me was the contrast of the starter plot and the main plot: the super mundane that escalates into the damned-near fairy-tale-like. A girl near or at middle school age is a little less than confident in herself and usually takes the fall for others in the pursuit of being a ‘good little girl’. She saves a cat, who’s really a cat prince, and gets caught up in a royal engagement. All the way through, it’s her doubt and lack of self-identity that digs her deeper into a situation that she doesn’t want to be in, while it’s speaking out and being herself that allows her to escape the claws of the cat kingdom.

Oh, and there’s a fat, white cat named Muta; a gargoyle raven that goes by the name Toto; and Baron, an anthro-cat statue that comes to life and pretty much fills in for the Haku/Howl part of this story. They help and share some elements with the young girl, but, you know, they hardly seem as important in the end. The must have been more focused on their next movie, and thank the stars for that. “The Cat Returns” is not, per se, “Spirited Away” or “Totoro”, but it’s a good story and a good movie nonetheless.

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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