False Alarm… ^_^;

The internets are a cruel mistress. As are parents. Apparently, when thinking of the first things to go when it comes to municipal services, the internets is a good first call. Sucky, but true. I can deal with that. Libraries are open about 6 days a week. 7, if I feel like huffing it downtown. I can deal. I can always deal. The question becomes, can they deal?

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. I find it hard to be chipper when all of your options in activities are cut in half. I’ll adjust though.

EDIT: Hurray, false alarm! I’ll be posting for Sunday after all. In the privacy of my own home, no less. Oh, happy-happy, joy-joy. =^_^=

I spent a good part of the night watching/listening to Mighty Max. I want to know who composed all that music. It was more 80s than Thundercats. And NOTHING is more 80s than Thundercats. o-o

I also found myself flustered at Virgil as a character. All that calculative brain power and you manage to get in trouble almost every time your try to help? I don’t know. I’d carry around a slingshot and start calculating angles and crap so I could beat the crap out of bad guys in single hits and junk. Then again, he’s only a trainer of heroes and not a hero himself. Those who can’t do, teach, I suppose.

Music, that’s what I need. Music.

There we are. Nothing like video game remixes and rock songs to ease the mind.

Got all dark outside. I guess it really is summer, now. Thunderstorms, dry spells, and that mugginess that just hangs in the air in between. I’d rather it not rain so violently, but
other than that, it’s enjoyable enough. :3

Another Poke-update: Daylight savings time + Pal Park transfers = access denied. For some reason, when the date an time in-game is different than the date and time on the DS, it freaks out, changes the time in-game, and bars you from taking Pokemon out
of the game dongled in the GBA slot for a day. What does all this mean? No, Dragon Claw until tomorrow. Booooo… T_T

On the other hand, I have a cute little Swablu sitting in my Bench box, holding a cute little Power Belt, waiting to become a cute little tankish powerhouse. Just have to write up a training plan for the little scamp. Yes, I write training plans for my pokemon. Don’t you?

How many programs to play movies do you have on your computer? It’s probably more than you think… I have one that is the only one that can handle DVDs without choking. I have three that I use mainly for music, but could play video if it needed. And then there’s that obligatory Media Player that you get every time you download codexes (that you so desperately need to watch La Blue Girl Returns, in Stereo). It plays video like a dream, but you really wouldn’t play music in it unless you want to see your computer freeze. All and all, I think I either need to clean house on my computer or stop complaining. ^_^;

SOFTEE! MISTER SOFTEE!!… no… wait, we have ice cream in the freezer. Why did I do that? o-o Why did I think that?! God-damned Pavlov’s Dog Syndrome!!! >.<#

Plus, how was I going to type with a cone in my hand? Sure, I can type one-handed, but it's not a fun thing for me to do. Even if I had gotten a rainbow cone.

I remember when my little brother and I would wait for Mister Softee. We'd sit outside and a discuss what happened in all the cartoons we saw that week. I also remember the one time he chased an ice cream truck for three blocks just to get a chocolate rainbow cone. I just about wanted to throw him in front of a speeding train after that. Fat little monster. -_-…

And now it's bright outside again. It's a bit breezy, too.

I could be more interesting and find things on the internet to babble on about, but I rather much don't feel like it. I started this in Notepad, and I'm going to end it in Notepad.

I wonder how many non-coders still use Notepad? I use it to take notes and save links, but never for long things like this. It's functional without being cumbersome. Even Wordpad is cumbersome compared to Notepad. And Wordpad itself is just flustering. There are so many basic MS Word functions missing that it's not worth using.

I have OpenOffice, myself. Easy to use, packed with functionality, and I can go from that and MS Word easy. When I went to school, it was like I was still using the same program, barring visual differences.

It seems so late in the day, but I woke up at 11a. This is like mid-day for me, right?

I want to write. My stories, no stuff for the interwebs. But I told myself I was going to try Helium and Associated Press again. Push comes to shove, I can mill back through my journals, pick a paragraph or two, and expand that out to 400+ words and call it a day.

What I'd much rather do is sleep. I'm so tired. I'm more tired than I should be. I slept until 10am, dozed until 11. And yet it feels like nap time now. Then again, it's mid-day for me. That would mean that a 45 minute nap wouldn't be all that unheard of.

In Spain, anyhow.

I've got fic I could be writing, too. Not to mention webcomics I could be formulating. But nothing feels like a waste of time anymore. And that's a good feeling. Everything feels equally important. Everything I do is necessary. Everything I do matters. :3

Ugh. Laying down matters. Snoozing for 15 minutes matter. Because if I can't formulate clever things, I probably won't end up with a good article. ^_^;

Thank you, and have a nice siesta day. :3


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