Forget the Things Going ‘Bump’; What About the Things That Go ‘BOOM’?

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. Most people are like electronics with solar panels. They have to be out-and-about to keep charged. People like me? We’re more like cellphones with rechargeable batteries. And I think I just found my charger…

Humans need a few things to have a ‘normal’, restful sleep cycle. About a half-hour’s worth of sunlight, serotonin during the day, two good hours of dark at night, and melatonin in the evening to wind our bodies down for the night. I knew that much for a while, but abhorred the fact that I had to lay in bed, prone to the occasional irrational thought. This was normally where the TV or Computer came in.

I suck at making choices by myself. Well, little stupid choices, anyway. Honey or sugar? White bread or wheat? Mage character or Swordie? Hot chocolate or tea? Red shirt or blue? Computer on or off? Silly, menial things that don’t seem to matter in the end, but really, REALLY seem to matter at the moment. (I am forced to believe that all this ‘free-choice’ we have is just a camouflage to hide all of the big choices we should be making.) I keep an abundant amount of coins and die around for this reason. Because I don’t have time to crunch all those possibilities, even though I really fucking could if I wanted to.

A day or two ago, analog TV went kaput. So unless I liked Infomercials 24/7 (which I don’t), it was either the computer or nothing. Last night, with the unhelpful-help of a coin flip, I chose nothing. (To be precise, after a coin flip, i ignored the outcome and chose to be without the driving whirl of my easily over-taxed, 4+ year old jalopy of a compy, over which any audio can hardly sound. Hey, even machines need rest.)

I dug up an old flashlight, still fresh with batteries; my readily charged DS; and hit the sleep function on my never-used alarm clock. Yup, I was ready to go.

… Yeah… that fits. Only, give the kid a tan.
(And check that artist out. Traditional art is good for you.)

About an hour in, conveniently after the radio turned off… *BOOM!*… Thunder. I refused to believe it at first. I could hear rain, but not quite, and I had just turned my DS off to try that whole sleep-thing that people are so crazy about. Then my windows decided to shock me out of disbelief. Bright, blinding flash. O_O We’ve covered this, yes?

Then I blinded myself with my flashlight. Not only were the batteries fresh, the bulb was in pretty good shape, too.

So after my retinas stopped burning, I checked the room. No rats. No monsters. No pools of acid. (I could explain all of these, but I think we’ll stick with one horror story at a time…)

I sat there in the dark. Listening to the rain. Watching the flashlight shine on the ceiling. Something odd happened there. I moved a hanging arm. The shadow moved. I smiled a bit. I made a rabbit. I made a duck. I made a goose. And then I just laughed. I rolled over, turned off the flashlight, turned my DS back on, and fell asleep playing it. And woke up earlier than 10am. 7:30am, to be exact.

This, by no standard means, is the ideal way to do it. But, really, how did you get to sleep as a kid? And your inner artist is nothing but a bratty little kid with no real control over their thoughts to begin with. Control is though to be the opposite side of the brain. But there is no left-brain/right-brain. There’s one brain, and all that brain has to feel better about everything in order to function.

So that’s your psychology class for the day. Class dismissed. There may or may not be a pop quiz next week. And I expect those reports by the first of next month. No later. :3

Sometimes to start browsing people on a site and you get this gaping hole with a bunch of other assholes in it that prove that humans, as a whole, are slowly circling the drain into eternal asshol-…ish-… ness. Damn, ran out of words; I must be in rant mode… -_-;

What I look for is someone as random and indifferent as me. I accept shades there of, as well. Unfortunately, most of my stuff just comes across angst-y instead of insightful or entertaining. It’s who I am. I’m a heady, think person with a lot of beef against society at large and I vent on the internet so that no one in my analog life knows that I share traits with their worse nightmare for said society at large. An anarchist. (This is me, in my own form of small thinking, thinking all people hate anarchists. See, I can be bigoted too…)

That’s the thing… this Stumbler (at least at first glance), is just it it for the funny and the satirical. No point to prove, like yours truly. Just in it for the funny. *sighs* I used to be like that. Then I got all angry, and it was never the same

*sigh again* Thank you, and have a nice day.


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