This blog will ruin your life…

Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. Just in case you’re wondering, no, I don’t feel any better today. I quite possibly feel both worse and pretty much the same. It depends on which side of denial you fine me on…

TvTropes will ruin your life. It will snatch your mind out of your body and change you into a giggling, non-sense-gibbering shell of a human being. And that’s why I love it so much.

*Stares at the last two sentences, swearing that it’s a trope, but cannot find a page for it… sadness ensues…*

*sigh*… Like a wiki on crack, it takes you and you feeble little brain and turns you into a walking repository for all that is story, meme, and cliche. It’s fun for about the first six hours, after which you have to catch yourself and start repeating something like the MST3k mantra: “It’s just a show/movie/book/story. Just sit back and enjoy the experience.”

I’m trying to key into this even now, but I’m also fighting the urge to cross-analyze an hour’s worth of reading the third Dresden Files book, so bear with me. (And no spoilers. I realize that I’m reading a finished series. I’m only at the part after he wrestles a torture spell and kills it with fire. Hehehe… with fire…)

Mmm, ambiguous meat…

I had hot dogs for breakfast. There were eggs and grits involved, too, but mostly hotdogs. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. On the one hand, I ate. Sustenance is always a good thing to have. But on the other hand… it was hot dogs. I’m no prissy little thing, but I have standards.

Got to get stable first. And I stabilize by writing. It’s just how it works. I used to spend hours and hours of sleep time, about as awake as ever, writing stories backward into the back of my notebooks. I couldn’t help it. My ideas seemed too good to just sleep on or forget.

I find it hard to do anything that compromises my freedom of thought. Sleep included. And with the added that one could, even in the realm of impossibility, wake up dead. I wonder if that’s a fear, a real clinical fear…

Goddamned Greek root words: Somniphobia. The fear of sleep.

That changes little. typical human-me, labeling everything. Sure, it brings understanding to it all, but it doesn’t solve it. Meh, later. Way later…

Derren Brown. Derren fecking Brown. o-o. Imagine Criss Angel (minus the new-age douchery) plus Penn Jillette (minus the jaded jackassery). Now make him British, which causes his cool factor to rise by ten. Just by default. He’s pretty much someone that I probably should have known more about and am kicking myself for not knowing about him sooner. Magicians don’t normally wow me, having watched most of those awesome little Masked Magician specials, but it’s his performance and personality, and not the tricks themselves.

For example, he’d stop a passerby, ask them for directions. All fine and good. Then a couple of people would pass by them, carrying a small billboard. Took me the second time in the episode he did it in to see that he was switching with someone behind the billboard. Took me the time seeing him switching with a black guy to see how well the trick works. The person he was talking to each time was so affixed on the map or the directions they were going to give, that his face just didn’t seem to matter to them. Also, usually he’d have a snark remark at the end of each scene, but he had let that one hang. I just about laughed til my belly button popped. X3

If I was younger and more of a fool than I am now, I’d want to start learning magic tricks.

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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