Plants, Zombies, and the spaces between them.

Good morning. Good evening. Good afternoon. I write in the day to cleanse my mind for work. I write at night to cleanse my mind for sleep. Anything written in between is purely coincidental.

And, splash piccy!

Plants Vs Zombies. A strange combo? Yes. A good game. No. It is, in fact, a great game. :3 The object is tower defense in nature, but only just. And to stop the oncoming hordes you have… plants. Super plants. That shoot things and explode. A proud product of the ‘Doom and Bloom Plant Seed Company’, I’m sure. The whole thing is toony, crazy, and amazingly punny.

I started playing it only when not getting a joke that crossed it with Left 4 Dead. Some crazy crap about protecting the sunflower. Which is hilarious now, in retrospect. Those sunflowers are important… (What gauls me further into laughter is that Valve has it up on their downloads page. Not a coincidence, I’m sure.) You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll get carpel tunnel trying to grab all the sun you can so that you can build up your lawn’s army of fauna. There are no words. If you can buy it, go get it. If you’re inherently evil, like me… <.<… >.>… Search Rapidshare. That is all. (And thank you saberxt! Best… game… EVA!!!)

Speaking of games, could someone please tell me how to save a team on Stick Ranger? The rpg with the little stick guys with weapons and stuff? Honestly, anyone play that game? I’m having a heck of a time trying to figure out the save system. I’m signed up and everything, have clicked everything imaginable, but my team won’t come up every time I log out and then log in. Meh, just putting it out there.

I should probably do something about the ever growing mop of black that is my hair. It’s dry, it’s itchy, and I think I saw movement in the mirror this morning…

I also have the steady, pressing urge to find work again. There’s something about paying for things with change that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Either that, or I need to brush. Oh my gewdnesss! I’m turning normal!!

Alright, it’s not THAT serious, but what is it then, hmmm?

… … … Oh yeah. Michael Jackson died yesterday. And millions of kids everywhere rested easy from then on. … *is briked… repeatedly* … I know, I know. Too soon. But if the jokes are gonna flow, they’re gonna flow.

More heat. More fans. And an air conditioner in Mom’s room. Well, at least it feels like Summer now. No more of that odd chill in the air and no more days on end of gloom and kaboom. And you know how I feel about that last part.

Grief. Mom’s plugging stuff in everywhere. Lost the interwebs for a sec. It must be hot of she’s trying to push that much air around.

Where the heck did the term ‘Sales Associate’ come from? Trying to make people feel better about being a cashier clerk? Trying to cover up for paying slave wages? It just smells of bullshit, that’s all… Also, why, yes, I do have a job search open in another tab.

Staring to think I’m going to hearing a lot of 80’s music. Radio just came on in the other room. All respect to Mike, but I found him deceased years ago on the count that he was even accused of touching little kids. I’m sorry; hero lost forever. I’ll just play old-school Sonic games and keep harping on about how the song Marble Zone is actually Liberian Girl. Which it is. I know of others. Don’t argue with me…

Thank you, and have a nice day.



  1. caitlincarrigan Said:

    I wanna play.

    • angelicdirt Said:

      As well you should… or are you asking for the, uh, more direct route? *shifty-eyed like a dealer*

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