Quick, Assumate All of Reality in a Single Sentence!

Good morning. Good evening. Good afternoon. I spoke too soon about all that wonky weather. Got a chill right at my elbow from right outside and it’s supposed to rain most of this week. Yay, Philly being in the same climate zone as Seattle.

I come out of the nothingness, into the somethingness, and come up with things that are not things but something else. I take the something else, mash it up with a little of this and that, and toss it into my blendy brain and, naturally, get something different each time I do this.

Sorry. That was pointless.

How’s everybody today? Good? That’s good.

Pokemon. I made it to all my berries today. Which is good, because most of them were either blooming or on their way to it. Gained about five more levels on my Wall-ing Swablu. It learned Refresh, but I’m considering another move. Other than Refresh. (It has ‘Natural Cure’. And I SHOULD have something to switch it with.) I’m thinking Steel Wing. Would certainly round her type coverage. If not, Toxic looks good on any Wall…

Heh… that’s kinda cool…

An hour ago or so, I watched Norm Abram make a whirligig version of the logo version of himself. Do I have to tell you that my eyes were transfixed to the screen for the whole episode? Heck, I always mouth the words to his ever-stoic lecture about shop safety. “… And the most important safety rule is to wear these safety glasses.” Plus, anyone that’s willingly appeared on an episode of Freakazoid is alright with me. :3

Oh noes. I’ve started watching Freakazoid. Well, that’s going to be on in the BG all day. :3. So deliciously random. I think the writers of that show truly didn’t care at first. They just threw in everything that they thought was funny, and hoped for the best.

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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