Evenly-Keeled Philosophy, With a Side of Imbalance

Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. I cannot be truly comfortable in a world where William Shatner is free to interview fellow stars on his own show. I’m just… not. And you shouldn’t be either.

Other than that depressing piece of news, I’m fine. I suppose. I’m not depressed, I’m not hyper. I’m just… coasting a bit, I suppose.

Supposed to be a thunderstorm today. It’s all dark and light in intervals and such. All the church-folk have left for the day. The morning mass of cars no longer clutter the streets. I’d just love to hear them crash into each other, just once. See how loving and full of the word of the Lord they are then…

My mind is the blank slate upon the dreams of a thousand adventures is painted in shades of adventures I’ve seen before. Each one is at the same time new and yet nothing new. I gaze upon this web of dreams in my brain, pluck a handful from it and scribe them out lovingly, as a tribute to all who have created before me and all who will create after me.

Woah. There I go again. I’m starting to think that there’s another me at the keyboard when I go like that. There need to be more musings like that in the world. But who would listen to me? The 25 people that frequent my blog, and the 20 more that look at my LiveJournal? I don’t know. I think… I think I’ll figure that out when I get to it, eh?

So, a thirteen story building falls over in Shanghai, China. With a guy inside. I don’t know… I think a ‘loss of words’ is an understatement. o-o

And, also:

funny animated gif
… just to humble you a bit. >:3


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