Drawing, yes?

Bask in the glow of my awesome. And the far-too-large expanse of white-space.

… O, hai thar. Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. I’m not one to boast (inner Jenn: you liar…), but I didn’t expect to exude that today. *looks up* I just thought i needed practice, and that instead of writing the morning away I’d scribble something. In the light of not knowing what to do with Tegaki-E, I used doodleBug instead. It is my expressed opinion that the more I limit myself, the better I do. Specifically, dB’s B&W, no eraser, and a limit on ink; versus Tegaki’s webcolors, multiple line thicknesses, save feature, and multi-transparency. I don’t know, but ever since Tegaki got transparency, I just couldn’t get into it again.

It also reminds me that I should probably stop at inks (as far as the ‘painstaking’ part) and just flat-color if needed.Yeah. I like cross-hatching far too much not to do it, I hate trying to shade with color, and most of my favorite comics and manga are B&W. So that explains that.

I also discovered the endless fun of the slot parlor in Veilstone. Ever since I found out that it was nixed in the UE version Of PKMN D/P, I been feeling awfully fortunate as of late. And that was before I figured out you could get Master Balls from it. Hi, my name is super-noob… -_-;

So I’m going to sit here and randomly rate pics on doodleBug. Because you never know when I’ll actually want to use up credits…

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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