(Officially) Dipping My Foot Back in the Anime Pool

Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. I have nothing to say really, but I feel that it’s my responsibility to bore you all to death for about ten to fifteen minutes a day. And I thank you for that.

Heracross eggs are hard to hatch. Or maybe I’m not doing it right. There’s always the bike method, but I never believed that for a moment. It helps, but not much.

And what about the Acro Bike? Why the heck did they can the Acro Bike, but added Rock Climb? It’s the same difference, and it might have been easier to make an in-game team otherwise. Why must Game Freak needlessly complicate everything? X_X

*twitch*… I need that high again… *twitch*

I want to start watching Anime again. I need a series. Something new, but not still full of foaming Fangirls/boys. And don’t any of you DARE say “… Well, Naruto is getting good…”. Fucking Narutards. That series could have went awesome, old-schooly places, but it settles for ‘Ninja High School, DBZ-style’. Barf.

I could start watching Soul Eater again. But I have SO much to catch up on. 51 episodes and I’ve only seen about 30. And older episodes to newer series usually get packed away into large groups or abandoned until the series ends.

The thing about Soul Eater is that it’s not easily pinned down by the average watcher. There are hints of high school drama, ‘ohana’, comedy, and gut-shots to the sanity-insanity argument. To paraphrase, “A sound soul rests in a sound mind and a sound body,” after all…

Or, I could go and root out another series. Kaiba (no, not THAT Kaiba) is supposed to be so full of crack so as to require several viewings. There are a few Mech anime that I haven’t seen in so long as their entire plots will be a surprise to me now. Personally, I just need a show with an opening and voice acting doesn’t make me want to hurl. *coughAstroBoycough*… (Seriously, I watch it as a service to the plot, the characters, and Tetzuka-Sensei himself… At least the Japanese opening was sauce. *sigh*)

Then again, I watch things like this sometimes, so don’t take me too seriously. More like… Seriously Unserious. Unseriously Serious, even. :3

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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