Oh, Sickness…

Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. Sickness shouldn’t happen in the Summer. Too confusing, too troublesome, and it makes anythingelse that goes wrong seem… wronger somehow.

(Awesome: ‘wronger’ is a word. o-o)

I suppose this story starts after I finished my blog yesterday. I’ve been already been feeling urpier than usually. And then I get this truly strong urge to keel over and take a nap. Right in the middle of answering messages. I’m pretty sure that looks odd on LJ. Two hours isn’t long, but I type fast.

I take said nap, DS clutched in my shaking hands. Mentally I’m going over where I was last, what I ate, where I touched, whether I washed my hands or not, whether I knew if there was a history of Diabetes in the family or not… Then I mentally smacked myself, got a drink and took an Ibuprophen. Yay, paranoia.

A fever. I have no thermometer, but I think I know a fever when I feel it. And where it came front isn’t all that important. I just need to take it easy. More than I usually do. Which is sad considering that I should be a bit more active about some things.

I inact this immidiately. It was late in the evening, I got dinner, and I had found that The Shadow was airing on two channels at once. (Great situation for plot cross-analyzation, btw) I don’t know if it was the shadows behind the open windows, or the fact that I could smell the beer coming of him through said windows, but I knew that a night that promised to be so awesome couldn’t have been far from ruin.

So he comes in ranting about 13-14-year-olds and fireworks and such. I’m thinking, “You’re so fucking rational; why don’t YOU tell them to take it someplace else?” But no. He feels like teaching lessons or warning everyone, or what ever the hell he calls it. My mom. She has such… dubious taste in men, yes?

Mood blown. Completely. I might as well have cussed him out right there as payback. I checked my watch; 4 hours since my last pill. I take another, down the rest of the water, cut the TV off and called it a night. Ah, me. Ah, my. I could have killed things last night. That would have been a good night for Halo, if it still interested me.

It’ll take me two days to not want to kill things. Three to forget what exactly I was mad at. And four or more for the general animosity to fade.

What really doesn’t help is that Mom is in one of her funny ones today. She ear-tickled me awake. Like I’m 5 or something. Asked if I remembered. I just shrugged and rolled over. I don’t know if I feel bad for not joining in her nostalgia, or bad for thinking her a little loopy, or just plain bad that I am who I am.

I think I’m going to be opinionated today. First words that come to mind today. Every time. I don’t quite care enough to spare feelings and keep to myself today. Viva la independence. Whee, mental fireworks! :P

Now here’s a guy that knows what I’m talking about. He’s one of the few people in the world brave enough to announce train arrivals and departures from at a station in Leicester. He has takes to adding facts or funny quips to his announcements as well. My fave: “Why don’t sheep shrink in the rain?”

Yup. Heightened body temperature equals a scrambled brain.

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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