My Only Few Issues With My Own Obsession

Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. The day I stop laughing at the nasty, pervy joke that is my password is the day that I loose the “fancy stuff” inside my head… You wonder what it is… It’s what makes wind tickle, what makes apples, what causes you to laugh and to cry. It’s kept in your left ear, you know…

I want an mp3 player. I want to never let anyone borrow anything from me ever again. I want everything back from everyone who’s ever borrowed something from me. That includes every pencil, every eraser, every book, every scrap of green paper that people use as money. Everything. I want it back. I’m taking to you, little brother. That includes the sound system, too.

Okay, done being bitter. For now.

Pokemon. Egg is nearly hatched. I don’t care about the gender this time, but Nature and Characteristic are up for debate. This is what happens when you stop having fun and start playing other people in Pokemon. You start becoming a Nazi for breeding perfection, and releasing all your rejects. Or you start trading away the Pokemon you don’t use because you feel guilty for not using them. There are even people that clone ‘Mon of a good breed in order to gain rare Pokemon. Sound familiar. Dog breeding, anyone?

Personally, after watching The First Movie over again a few times, I think that is just a realization of what the team that wrote and ok’d everything feared. Even if they are digital animals, we’re doing to them what Europeans did to the Wolf. We’re turning Pokemon into inbred morons who may or may not be too powerful for a normal person to handle. I’m not calling “Shibumi Code” on it, but with tech going the way it’s going, it wouldn’t surprise me.

Yes, I just turned Pokemon into an environmental issue. Sue me.

And why has no one even thought about a 3D Pokemon MMO (Despite the fact that it already is it’s own MMO, if you look at it carefully.) It would put the franchise over the top, it really would. Colosseum and forward proves that they could at least try it. Customizable Avi’s, Hideouts like in R/S and The Underground, new Regions and/or story updates every six months. It’s better than spending money on the development of the card game.

Well, that was a rant, wasn’t it?

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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