Change, Poke-Perfection, and Gratuitous PK’ing

Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. I am the change that I want to see in the world. Understanding, love, humor. And some snark cynical wit for flavor. :3

I’m starting to think that I’m Stumbling through my brain instead of the Internet. I just found yet another vgm site. Live, streaming, 8- and 16-bit music. Don’t be afraid. It’s just old-school. It only bites when provoked.

I slept without the aid of background noise last night. My secret: I went to bed when I was actually sleepy, midnight. Ladies and germs, I am a night owl. And you can’t shame me into thinking that it’s bad now. Neygh… >:P

I also finally get the gist of ‘being a sadist’ to your characters. The book isn’t worth reading if your characters don’t suffer a bit. It’s only then that you get to see what they’re made of. Everything is a test. A test of character, a test of fortitude, a test of humors.

Pokemon. Perfect Nature. Perfect Characteristic. This may turn out to be the best Yanma ever. I would have settled for ONE modifier being supportive of ONE the needed stat, but both and both. Amazing. The Blind Watchmaker of the Pokemon world smiles upon me. :P

So, there’s this psychologist that plays City of Heroes/Villains. Not one to keep his work and play separate, he’d PK’d every villain that he could find until everyone in the entire game hated him enough to spout death threats. He doesn’t play anymore; Why is this not surprising?

The funny thing was that he was acting well within the parameters of what an outsider could perceive to be the acceptable behavior in a game made up of villains and heroes. The bad guys are supposed to fight the good guys, right? It’s not illegal to player-kill in an area that’s made for it. Now, doing it for the ‘lolz’, constantly, is another story. This is why most MMOs have a stop screen before PvP fights in order to keep people from going bat-shit on either side of the fence. In all seriousness, I’m still laughing. Probably because my age-old compy can’t play CoH/CoV and I can’t experience this little slice of strangeness. Another case of ‘serious business’ and ‘stop having fun guys’.

Thank you, and have a nice day.



  1. ElenaLisvato Said:

    amazing stuff thanx :)

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