Interwebs Interrupted…

Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. The following is what happens when my Wi-Fi card is slow to turn on when the rest of my computer runs just find despite it’s age. Copied and pasted lovingly from NotePad. <3 Enjoy.

11:18 AM 7/11/2009

Might just be me, but I think today is just not my day. Interwebs is either slow to turn on today, or it’s off completely. Which wouldn’t bother me if I hadn’t brought the roof down on me by opening my mouth. Mom didn’t even say anything to me, why did I even open my mouth? Or maybe it’s something outside my jurisdiction. I’m just here, caught, and deathly assumed of rolling my eyes when all I did was look at the DS screen to see if my Golem’s move had hit. But if I had explained that, I would have still been wrong, and, besides, correcting people is wrong. Right? -_-;

I’m serious; I couldn’t make this more confusing if I wrote it backward and in Sanskrit. Which I can do in NotePad, obviously. o_O. Both. C’mon, you know it’s possible. If people can code search engines for search engines, you can write backwards in NotePad.

Wish the Internet would kick in. Would give me an excuse to do something different. Of course… It would kick in right in front of what I was writing. And I kept writing, too. Wow.

I wrote yesterday. I wrote like a demon possessed. How demons get possessed is still beyond me, but I think you get it. Can we say two chapters? Whoo. Hoo. *does the Cabbage Patch… or some other embarrassing 80’s dance of your choice* I attribute all that to the extra zing of pizza and caffiene from yesterday. There was a tear in the realities and Mom had bought me lunch/dinner yesterday. Came with a Pepsi. Which meant I had too much of the demon-poison-syrup in my system to sleep after writing a fantastic eight pages. ‘A mediocre eight pages’. Meh, let’s just leave it at ‘eight pages’. I like that. Doesn’t oversell the point that I wrote a lot (for me) and that it had more to do with Write or Die threatening to un-write my work. Which also reminds me; I should probably update my word cluster count and time. I use WoD to write in clusters. Every time I start again, I add 10 words to the clusters. Believe it or don’t, I started at 100 and I’m at about 300 right now. (No Sparta jokes, please. It’s a bit aged, don’t you think?) If it isn’t changed in the links, it will be. patience, people…

Pokemon. It’s mostly training. Just like yesterday. Not my favorite activity, but it’s nice to see progress. Wait… I just checked with a Stat Berry. I think… I think I’m done with the EVs. Level 20, and EVs are done. I’ll have to double-check, but I think I have to change a Held Item. This had to be the annoying part. Level-Grinding against the Elite Four in order to gain consistent and non-troublesome levels. I can never think or say it enough when I say that I wish that you could use the tough-ass non-story tournaments in the Wii/Gamecube PKMN games to level up your team. It would be fun AND productive. *Sigh*

And I have to do the job thing today on top of all the outside unpleasantness. -_-;; So now my memory-tortured soul will have no respite today either. Do wish me some luck. Or whatever it is you do to help people you know from a distance. Hell, maybe I’ll grow more adult like like my Horoscope said…

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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