Oh man, I think I exploded… o.o

Explanation: More intrarnet trouble. Nothing serious, just some sort of… load delay(?) (I blame U.S. Robotics. :P) Hopefully, it’s only temporary.

… Also… I pretty much let-er-rip language-wise, today. I get passionate about things, what can I say… Read at your own digression. :P

10:59 AM 7/12/2009

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. It’s going to be one of those days again, I’m guessing. One of those days where the Internets is starting cold on a digital winter day and needs for me to keep feeding it gas and pulsing the starter so that it’ll wake up already and go.

Paragraphs, today. Because I like being able to find my place visually. And I think my memory is a bit fuzzy today.

I keep getting the feeling that searching for a job is a waste of time. Everywhere I go in real life, on foot, claims that I should utilize the career sections on their corporate websites, and half of their corporate websites are either broken or incomplete. It does become a quick and easy way to weed out the idiots from the well-meaning capitalists. The idiots have the broken sites that think that 2008 is next year, and the capitalist sites are the ones that only list Manager jobs and have no other way for me to apply. =_=#

Right then…

Your theme song, I adore, but you’re still a sneaky, sneaky bastard.

Pokemon. Elite Four. They can get their weight up. Somewhat. All I know is that Cynthia used to not be able to read when i was going to spam a move. Now she switches from Spiritomb to Lucario in the face of a Dragon Pulse. Where was all of this intelligence when I was expecting it? o_O That’s FAR more than I’m used to out of the game’s AI… And then, after I kill Garchomp, it’s back to the usual random choices. Lucian and Flint pick up a change, too, but I can’t remember what they were… anyone else ever see an NPC trainer pull something like that? Can someone explain to me why that happened? (At least before I go look up their teams and moves on Bulbapedia? XP)

So, I gave up on my Furry hermitting and went back to FurAffinity. Not exactly the main scene, but it’s one of them. More Fur-sites may follow. (This is probably another for the links page or profile…)

There’s a new random button, great for when I get tired of backlogging through the recent stuff. I do remember why I left, tho; Like deviantArt, there’s no judging process for you to get space. (And unlike dA, there’s no ‘Popular’ sorting.) So there’s no real bottom to the talent you’re looking at. Art is for fun. Art is to enjoy. But if I have to look at bad anatomy and scrawly finish-work for too long, something starts to snap in my little perfectionist head. @_@

On the other hand, I don’t have to look at endless pages of art that looks like the Furry Mona Lisa, either. That was dA’s drawback; all that hyper-fucking-realistic bullshit that pisses Cartoonist-me off and nearly blows me through the roof. You want real, go take a God-damned photo and stop wasting your wrist strength on rendering light and shadow accurately. (Life-drawing teachers either hated or loved me. Oh, the blank sarcastic stares I could give… )

Again, Art is for fun, Art is to enjoy, but after page-after-page of photo-realistic shit, you tend to feel a bit small… Hyper-talented fuckers… … Only Hispanics and Asians should be that talented. And there’s a little hate in my heart for that kind of talent, too…=_=##

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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