Oh, fret and worry…9_9;

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. It is quite possible that I nothing really deep to say today. If so, sorry, but you should probably find meaning elsewhere on the net and not on a frivolous, self-pandering blog like mine. :P

I probably should have waited and wrote this at the library instead. Bit i think I’ve learned my lesson, about the sharp pointy edges of IE8 and all. A horrible, eye-gouging lesson.

I need to draw things. Or maybe I should just post some sketches? I’m trying to get into one of those drawing/secret-Santa groups, and they want recent things. I could upload bunches, but it wouldn’t make it recent.

Been worried writing-wise too. I’ve been estimating word count out to the end and I keep getting around 15,000. So far, I have a possible Novelette. Somehow, that name doesn’t roll off the tongue like the term Novella does. This is probably ego talking, but I thought that maybe I had more story in me than that…

I need to hold it together. I can’t fall apart just because I don’t fit neatly in a niche. Or that you don’t produce a sketch a day like some machine. Creativity is supposed to flow, silly-head. *smacks herself* X(

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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