Story Teim :3

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. Nothing prepares you for the unexpected. That’s… that’s kind of why it’s called ‘the unexpected’.

My older brother has hidden depths of awesome that I think only doing manga music vids has given him back. He came in, talking and ranting, and explaining. I love it. This is how he used to be. Full of ideas and art and stories and pride. Allow me to explain.

Once upon a time ago, there was a this kid. He was awesome. He always got A’s in class, did things that got him into local papers, and was a bang-up artist to boot. There was a little girl that admired him, but I’ll get to her later.

In any case, this was a boy that was going places. One Christmas, he got an Atari. (inner Jenn: man, saying that make me feel old…) The system by itself was harmless, but the mind. It does things. While he was exceedingly good at video games, it sopped up time from, well, everything else. I blame the lack of attention. He started to rely on friends a little too much. Bad judgment led him into trouble a few times. Scarred, bruised, and a dozen or so years later, you have the slightly embittered visage of my big brother.

Back with the girl, well, she had to sit back and watch all this. And, lo, if she said or thought anything different, she was wrong and would be promptly brought back to ‘reality’. Since no one seemed to want to listen, she stopped expressing herself altogether. Except for her writing and drawing, of course. She would show them that way.

Of course, she still hasn’t finished anything that she was actually proud of. -_-; (Yeah, I mean me. Yeesh, weren’t you paying attention?)

Meh. Today was story day. :P

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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