Sh*t gettin’ ready to get real…

12:59 PM 7/24/2009

Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. This Notepad-scrobbled blog is brought to you by the Torrent system and Doctor Who. Because I can never catch an episode. Ever. Even when I set alarms. I don’t know if I have an anti-SciFi connotation expressed in my TV gene or what, but I just can’t seem to stand that channel. I think it’s the new logo, how about you…?

This is SO not retarded.
It is, in fact, super-retarded.

Well, that’s not the only reason. Sometimes I feel that I’ve wandered too far away from what Morning Pages should be, so I revert to this as a means of redeeming the source of it. I have thousands of these lying around my room and roaming this hard drive. This is what I do when I wake up. I get up, brush my teeth, ruin my mouth some more with a scalding hot cup of tea, wash a sink full of dishes, and then I whine about practically nothing for about a half an hour. Then I spend an hour and a half more posting this to at least one other blog and looking at what other people have posted. It never gets boring to me. It’s a more controlled version of mingling. I like it. You don’t have to deal with people who get too close or too loud. And it takes less money to get to.

Speaking of which, I need subjects for art samples. Two or three are good. I’m working on one now. When I figure out the others, I’ll either have a lot of people to hug, or give myself a facepalm for not thinking of it sooner. And the story I’m writing. Crap. I nearly forgot about Dynamo. Screw. But the house needs money. Supposedly. I’m tired of feeling like I’m not pulling my weight. I’m going to knock another UU match out of the way, ink that piccy, and start dreaming up another pic to post as example of a singular style. See, that’s the thing about being in business as an artist. All of a sudden, you have to be able to repeat a result. Over and over and over again. This is why I didn’t do this for long in middle and high school. Only when I felt that the weekly mush they called food wasn’t up to snuff. And even then I had to sneak. For some reason, you couldn’t sell goods and services in school. Some crap about how it’s a conflict of interests. So we aren’t supposed to be figuring out ways to survive in the world? Whoops. My bad. I thought I was supposed to be learning about how the world works and such. Not, you know, jail.

I wonder why they don’t teach shop, or cooking, or even just how to budget money in most schools? Well, most of the schools I’ve been to. Or maybe I wasn’t paying attention. Either or, it might have helped a little, shit.

Hmm. It’s the 24th. I wonder if I need to take some books back. Again. If so that changes my day a little bit…Nope. That’s a few weeks from now yet. Which is good. I have no business in that library anymore. I just don’t.

Polyphasic sleeping; no. Just… don’t. My sleep patterns are screwed up enough already. I’m good.

I’m beginning to think that the ‘high/normal/low’ options on my torrent D/L’r are totally for visual appeal only. I have the episode I want as the only thing on high, but not a bit of it is highlighted. It’s not downloading. At all. Everything else has at least one lit up chunk of what looks like incredibly huge and uncompressed AVI files, but no, not the file I specifically wanted. Nope, I’m just SOL where that’s concerned. =_=#

This. This is why I’m holding my little brother’s copy of KOF ransom. I have to. He still has my MP3 player, the little cunt. -_-##

I just… I can’t do this today, you know? Shit just piles up, and I can’t just shove it all under the carpet today. I’m probably going to end up doing something really stupid today. Really stupid, or really epic. Either way, I think I might just enjoy it. I just have to pick and choose my victims. Oh grief, that’s mean. No, just my little brother. He actually deserves it…

Aaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnndddd, another piece of non-threatening threat mail from Sallie-Mae. That’s it. Next altercation, shit gets real. >:(

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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