Near-Rant Stiffel

Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. We should not be judging our president on the basis of food and wine choice. We just shouldn’t. This is a sick, sad world we live in when we do. (Looking at YOU, Chicken Noodle Network.)

Everyone okay today? That’s good. I’m fine, actually. I just have this thing about what becomes popular on WP’s front page, is all.

For those of you not already spying on my computer, I have just piddled away 15 minutes of writing time on StumbleUpon looking for something to write about. Something interesting. Something scintillating. Something sensational. But I think I’m finally bored with the interwebs. Or, alternatively, the the internets is bored with me. Which is odd, because I was finding all kinds of goodies last night… … o_O…

You know, maybe I just don’t want to write today. That would be odd. I kinda have to do this so that I can focus. But I can’t focus on getting focused if I can focus on getting focused. (Go ahead. Take a minute and read it again. It makes perfect sense if you’re insane enough.)

Inking. I’m supposed to be inking a drawing today. That should be fun. Should go quickly, too. Then I can post it. And there’s something I haven’t done in a bit. Well, I slapped up a few sketches last night, but still…

Well, time’s up anyhow. Remember folks: look out for the conspicuous light patches in life. That’s where all the good items are.

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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