I hate everything… *emo-face…*

Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. This is rather sad of me, but I have to be pissed or depressed in order to feel like typing something.

Maybe I should just tell her. Maybe I should just flat-out tell the person who fed, clothed and ‘educated’ me my whole life that I could care less about paper wealth, even if it means living out of doors, eating behind people, and begging for money. Or, at least, that’s her idea of it.

And it all comes across as a kind of backhanded insult wrapped in a threat wrapped in un-dealt-with personal fears. But if I leave, she won’t have me living out in the street, or something bold and proud like that. Man, twould be nice for her to pick a world-view an stick with that shit…

(VV… more emo under that…VV)

And she completely veers around the fact that no store worth it’s ilk deals in paper application and prefers to make impossible-to-navigate websites in their stead. This is, of course, another ploy to make the more insane of us go insane and purge us from their midst. I’d be ever so happy to grant them their wish, but I’m deathly allergic to pain, so I write angry blogs that no one wants to read instead. Oh, and I’m Agnostic-Anarchistic, as well. Which should strike people on both sides as fake, unwieldy and silly. Which is good, because both sides need to grow the fuck up, anyhow.

I’m done. My mood is no better, but I’m done. Mostly because I have to go out tomorrow and pretend to go looking for a job. Mostly for her. I don’t do shit that doesn’t make sense for my own well-being, you know…

While I’m in the mood, here’s an argument that can lick my privates. I honestly don’t care. I don’t think I cared in the first place. Just legalize it so that the hippie idiots can stop whining. I just can’t stand all the god-damned whining! Honestly, is it that important? People will get high either way. People will ban things they don’t understand either way. Best to leave people to their own devices so that all the true idiots can OD, and all the teachable idiots will get that maybe they shouldn’t be addicted to something that might kill them if they over-use it.

And one for the ‘no shit’ pile… Meditation requires focus and concentration, so flexing the muscle should strengthen it, yes? Years of research wasted on something unimportant. Time down the drain. I honestly think they could have cured Diabetes 1 AND 2 with all of their concentration on meditation. Book-smart is not always smart-smart…

If you get this, great. Cookie for you.
If it makes you groan in agony, you get an extra cookie.

Stop. Cross-examining. My childhood. Just please, stop. Any idiot with a cracked copy of Photoshop, some moderate tracing skill, and a pundit mind could have come up with this. Fan art is only awesome when it’s awesome. This is not awesome. “But it’s supposed to be a funny joke on their names…” I. Don’t. Care! Stop fowling my internet with your fake-cleverness.

Fags of the internet, I have ripped you a new one. Now go home and heal so I can do it again tomorrow.


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