Relays from the closed off world…

(Having intrarwebs trouble. Gotta rely on public access. More below.)

4:39 PM 8/3/2009

Well, the interwebs is out for reals now. Doesn’t feel bad. Doesn’t feel good, but it doesn’t feel bad.

Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. I am the reflection of me on the waters of another world that I will hardly see in my lifetime. That said, how ya’ll doin’? I’m mostly alright. Been playing a lot of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Discovered pretty quickly that after the main plot, you’ll still have to lug along your heroes because you’ve leveled them so god-fur-fuck’ed much. Yay, uneven leveling. It was moreso a dynamic of the plot, but still. And then there’s still plotty-type things to do, but you have no partner saying cute or epic things in your stead. The least they could do is keep all of the optional speech. Because I really need a choice between “………” and “……….”

Got up uber-late again. 2pm-uber-late. Not precisely the best I can do, is it? I mean… I remember my little brother Tony blasting his music. (Which probably lead me to sleep even more, come to think of that shit.) I remember… trying to keep myself from laying on my tail. (WHich is odd in and of itself, because for a phantom limb I never had it usually stays well behaved…) Other than that, it might as well have been a dream. A really loud, annoying, twisty-turny dream.

And when I did wake up, all Mom could say was “go do the dishes”. Well, that, and asking if I had just got up. You know the answer to that…

Something tells me that I should be more… ashamed of this, but I’m not. Not really. Just have to adjust. I should also brace myself for trips to the library. The urban idiot level varies, but the small-library feel never lowers from the xtreme levels. Librarians that are WAY too friendly, little kids everywhere, and a noise level that would make you feel that you… well, aren’t in a library. Yes, I am a library snob. What are you going to do about it? >:P

Yeesh, I don’t even know the hours to that place anymore. It’s… 11p-8p some days, and 10p-5p on others… or something like that. There’s my other complaint. That place used to be open from 9a-8p, every day. But I suppose that new staduims and court cases are more important than free knowledge, right?

Certianly have to load Firefox on a USB. Screw IE and it’s boxyness.

I am so out of crap to say. It happenes every time. I’ll start to type and then I just want to delete the whole thing and start all over. Because it’s not perfect. Because I don’t like where it’s going. Because I don’t want to fall into a rant. But, i think, this si when I’m supposed to catch myself and keep going. My thoughts, naked for all the world to marvel at.

Overall, it’s going to be a sucky-as-usual week. I’ll get blamed for every extra expense in the house. Mom will use ALL the electricity she wants, but will tell me that I should be on the computer less. The progigal BF, Wayne, will continuse to be arrogant about everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. And Tony will continue to be even more of a ghost than me, going out with his friends rather than calm himself down and try to deal with things without alcohol or weed.

Thank you, and have a nice day.


12:46 PM 8/4/2009

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. Day two without interwebs. I can only assume that it’s a budget thing and not anything personal.

Again, not a big problem. Just means that I actually have to go outside. To the library. Where there are people. Yeah. -_-;

Had a dream. I hate it when That happens. Don’t remember much, but all I can summon back is Mom telling me to be “extra nice today.” Whatever. I’ll be as nice as I feel like. Stupid chumpy dream…

Had to turn the movie off. Just wasn’t getting enough writing inbetween jokes. My attention span can only stretch but so far. One visual. One audio. One touch.

I’m good for today. Have two days to make up for, you know.

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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