Back again

Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. I am convinced that there is some great wave of chaotic purpose woven into everything that happens in the universe. For example, my mother took it upon herself to fix (read: break almost-forever) my computer. Today, she is feeling more than a little sicky. If there was ever a time to laugh manically, now would be it. Fufufufufu… >:3

I know. “It’s your mother! You should be helping her.” And I will. But that won’t keep me from breaking into a fit of giggles afterward, away from her sight and presently debilitated hearing. It’s just too good to ignore.

Also, fixing a computer makes you feel like a fecking genius. Even if you don’t understand the microscopic details, if you know what you should and shouldn’t do, you probably have the the problem licked. That, and manuals. Unlike video games, manuals actually help here.

Much to my happiness, I’m back home. Feels good. My own dirty room. My own dirty air. And my own fangirly music. AND I can start commissions soon. Yay. *w*

Still have to get all of my bookmarks back. Well, not all of them. Most of them. Just the important ones that I actually used on an everyday basis. The rest can float off into the aether for all I care.

Well, here’s a complete waste of two minutes of wtf. Seriously. What were they thinking? It’s just embarrassing. People are just going to forget about Michael Jackson in about half a year anyway… -_-;

Just re-bookmarked Newgrounds, FurAffinity, and WikiFur. You know, just the basics. *hides the three artist sites*… … What?!? I’ll delete them later! HONEST!

Can’t think of anything else. Wait: doodlebug and… no, not tegaki. Only if doodleBug bores me… *goes to grab the bookmark again…*

There. Done for now. You never realize just how much crap you save until you’ve lost it all.

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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