… … … Banana.

Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. Nothing says wake the hell up like lawn care sounds and the whiny buzz of a paper shredder. Don’t mind me; everything annoys me in the morning. >|(…

Limbs. I must look up what loosing your limbs in a dream means. They weren’t even mine, tho, not technically. I was playing a game, i think. Which makes sense, because I had been watching a few “Let’s Play” vids on the Tubes of You’ing.

That also reminds me; my older brother suggested (read: really, REALLY wanted) me to make a YouTube and watch and fave and rate his stuff and such. -_-;… oh… boy… Love him much I do, but in the humoring mood I am not. In anycase, I should do it anyway. Just because. No reason, just… because… Damn, I’m a nice person… =_=

I don’t know. I guess you would have to meet him to fully get why I feel so pressured. He’s… a strong personality. The kind of guy that you would, despite his appearances, follow to the ends of the earth if you weren’t thinking straight. A sort of… Well, like the main character of an Anime; everyone just seems to swarm around him. Think the guy with the glasses from Gurren Lagen. Way too energetic, passionate, and righteous for their own good.

I just don’t want another account on another site to take care of. I just don’t. Call me lazy, but that’s just what it is. I’m enough places at once, aren’t I?

It’ll come down to a coin flip. I’ll flip some incessant little coin to decide whether I actually interact with someone I know IRL on the intertubes. Oh man; even POSSIBLE breakings of my own rules makes me nauseous.

So, I’m planning a game. Furthermore, I’m planning a Beat ’em up. A beat ’em up based on a sim game. Yeah, I know you don’t follow. You’re not supposed to. Just… let it swarm in you mind a little bit. Let the weirdness sink in, while I laugh evily… Fufufufufufufuuuu… >:3

Aaaaaaand, bananas.
Because the Internet doesn’t have enough yellow. *nods*

During long, awkward silences, I say random words. “Banana” is one of them. I said this once to my little brother after settling an argument, and he countered with “Apple”. Since then, when ever we run out of words that actually make sense, we start naming foods. *shrugs*

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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