Close, but no rant.

Good evening. Good morning. Good afternoon. Another day, another hour to try to entertain the masses with random nattering. Let’s see if I can do it today, shall we?

I have failed to place my resume in a place where I can find it. I know I saved it to disk, I just don’t know which disk, you see. I guess this is what happens when you backup the entire contents of your hard drive without really thinking about it.

The Adults were discussing things. Adult things. Like the lives of other people and what to do with their so-called influence over them. No worries. It was all Ton’ this time, but what the hell? He’s not even here. One’s saying let him move and crash and burn by himself, and the other is saying that he should stay and have some firm ground to stand on, and I want to scream, “Why don’t you talk about him about this, huh? See what he thinks. His fucking life. Idiots…”

(But that’s a rant now, isn’t it? In any case, we all know what my opinion is worth to most people, so… yeah.)

And then they have him all mixed the hell up, got him hopped up to “take care of everything”. He doesn’t realize it, but they have him by all his tight-and-curlies. I realize that that kind of control has to be discovered by the one under the control. Else it’s just “one person’s opinion” when you tell it to them.

Everyone is steered one way or another by one thing or another. I have simply phased out some things and acquired others. My controlling forces are of my own choosing, not of the choosing of my culture. And that, I think, is what I wish for anyone to learn and practice in their lives. The ability to choose your own demons.

And if I don’t get THIS song out of my ears, it’ll be too soon. Damn you, Beyonce Knowles and your Whitney-Houston-like cool… … …-_-;

Pretty much any song that I can envision a fight to with unconscious ease does this to me. This one keeps reminding me of the future of the story I’m still stuck writing. Yes, the bleak-black-wasteland versus a pristine-white-paradise. Yes, my antagonist and the main and evil-at-first love-interest. I’m so cheesy. Lots of cheese on my cheesesteak, yes.

So I scroll down the related vids on the page, and find one where Keri addresses some beef between Ciara and Beyonce… … … I’m sorry; R&B singers… can has a beef wif each-other? o.O””’ This is why I hate being Black. It’s all about drama with us. It’s our greatest creative boost and our biggest social crutch. -_-;;

(Aren’t I the philosophical one today. Meh, let’s go with it. Might take me somewheres nice.)

See, this is why I like cats. :3

G’wan. Tell me you wouldn’t put out the effort and money to make this adorable little urchin as comfortable and sociable as possible. I dares you. X3

“Isaac Asimov proposed a simple way to distinguish chemists from non-chemists: Ask them to read aloud the word unionized. Non-chemists will pronounce it “union-ized”, he said — and chemists will pronounce it “un-ionized”…” Works for me. It’s like telling an artist from a non-artist. Show them first some Raphael (or Renaissance fame) then show them some Disney. Then ask them which one is art. The person will go with the classical art, and the artist will (hopefully) say both.

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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