I’m back, and I bear shinies… *_*

I keep forgetting that as a part of what I do, I write nonsense for an hour or so everyday and post it on the internets like it’s important news. Gotta remember to bother you guys. Everyday. For the rest of my unnatural life. :3

Good evening, good morning, good afternoon. Guess where I am? G’wan, guess. I can wait… … … no. Nope. That’s right; I’m home. Excuse me while I do a little dance in my smarty-smartypants. Ooo. Ah. Dance in smartypants.

Actually, I don’t think I should be cheering yet, but it’s all in the context. Other than running to the store to play lottery numbers for other people, I didn’t have to walk around in all that muggy heat. The AC in the library are almost worth it, but nowhere near as nice as just rolling out of bed, waking my Frankenstein’s monster of a compy up, and kniddling my thoughts together without the stray though of how hot it is outside or if I was going to pass out on the way home.

So I installed the files I had found, started up the internets, and quickly found the other files. I think it was because it was my own system that I had actually managed to find everything I needed. I hate using other people’s computer. If it’s a local computer and I don’t feel like I’m being watched, I’m good. But as soon as some lab monitor or librarian is within eye-shot, my concentration is shot. Likewise, if I feel like I’m looking for something that might screw up said person’s computer, I’m skidish around sites that scream “trojan” or “spyware”. You know the places. Sparse text or a page so packed with crap it makes your eyes hurt. Lots of ads. Unnecessary links. Long, LONG scroll pages with a cock-and-bull-story that usually end in credit card symbols. THOSE places.

It must be illegal to piece apart Windows or something. But I didn’t have a choice but to go looking for parts. I mean it’s not illegal to go rummaging through a scrapyard for car parts is it? It’s the same difference…

Bottom line is, I’m back for now. Woot. to. the. noot. >:3

Okay, coolest braclet-ring combo ever. I swear, if someone could make it for less than 27,000 bucks, I might just be motivated enough to get some cash. I might. :P

A more affordable object of wanting, it’s a glass candy dish in the shape of a ziploc bag. Oh man, the interwebs is playing at my heart strings today. Nostalgia and shinies all around. OwO

And, finally, Sony sends another happy customer home, whining and screaming about one thing or another. Actually, I’m rooting for the guy on this one, bad grammar and all. I can’t help it. I mean, who dusts their electronic equipment? Everyday? With compressed air? Inside and out? Yeah, no, I thought not. Dust is not an ‘act of god’, Mister Sony-man, it is an inevitable fact of owning electronic devices. (That, and bugs if you’re REALLY messy…) My point? Learn how to fix stuff yourself, or find someone who can. Because corporations just don’t care.

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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