A day with my brothers

Ah, big bro. It’s not bad, but it’s not good. But it’s better than what others do. Meh, I gave it a four.

Good afternoon, good morning, good evening. I am under the influence of nothing but good vibes, rainbows, and purple. (I dunno. The purple just sounded right… :P )

Me and my little brother played Fiesta again today. Good stuff. We’re both level 12, and on the verge of sub-noob territory already. I know the leveling will start to get grindy at about 15, so I’m relishing all the easy-work now, before it gets all excruciating. I’m also getting heavy flashbacks of Phantasy Star Online and how strangely awesome the three of us are at games in general. I was expecting to eat it when he died at the hands of a wolf, but I smoked him with a firebolt and a magic missile easy. Note to self: start a cleric. Just because…

And for a few fleeting moments, I actually wanted to record myself for my blog today, but changed my mind. I just don’t do the talking thing too well. I’m only funny in my head, and I probably would have been boring. Honestly, I’d rather have you all suffer through a written blog than my verbal stammerings.

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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