Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. The quotient equivalent of the sum of two quotients is always the difference of the two. Or something like that…

Actually, i hate math. I hate math and that is why I can probably only be so-so at coding, even if I try really hard. I say this because I looked up jobs that involved gaming and found that most of them required some experience at coding. Oh boy. More dreams only momentarily shattered. Pardon me while I pick up the pieces and try to glue that sucker back together again… T_T

I dreamt in the shades of an MMO last night. You know what that means? Yup, little to no gaming today. I can only waste my time on blogs, the internet, and the ‘tubes of youing’ today. :P

And mom is doing what she does best: being a cleaning witch. I’d get a cup of tea, but that would require that I somehow cross he path. For some reason, I instinctively know that that is the worst idea ever. A leftover from a past life as a cat, probably… *shudders at the sound of the vacuum*

If I’m quiet, really quiet, I can still hear him. That churlling tone. Those soft, sweet words… … … Why the hell is the base genetic code of most sexually-produced-beings wired to seek a mate? And why is it that I’m so prone to literally over-think my way out of a relationship?? -_-;

funny animated gif
And now, a goblin shark.

All the sciency experts that would find their bodies washed up on the rocks, dried in the sun, used to assume that the mouth was always out. Took them ten/twelve years of study to discover that it was actually retractable. And why, you ask? Easy: their goblin-ish nose is like the nose of any other shark. It senses the electro-magnetic signals that living things put out. It’s long because it forages in deep crevices. The mouth extends to reach into these crevices. So… um, yeah, that’s my Furry/animal-geek segment. :P

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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