E-mail… yay (?)

Good afternoon, good morning, good evening. I’m starting to realize that caffeine is caffeine and that ritual is over rated. And that no matter what I do there will always be someone in my way in the kitchen in the middle of the day.

My little brother works at a game store. I’m pretty sure if you’ve been keeping up with me, you know this off the top of your head. But he’s good at it, I mean really good. He’s a strong personality, but laid back enough so that it isn’t overbearing. He’s clever and knows how to get people talking. And he’s just fun to be around, even when something’s not working right. Half of me says, “Well, good the hell for him.” The other is going, “Jenn, why can’t you be like that?” … Then I promptly look at my art and writing and recognize that I’m exactly as I’m supposed to be; Geeky, skinny, and full of ideas.

Mail is a pain. E-mail is a ruddy mix of pain and PHD. Piled High and Deeper. Job notifications, LJ notifications that I should probably cut off, mail from MMOs I don’t play anymore, MMOs I do play, horoscopes, Yahoo ads… and it just goes on and on… -_-;

If I did believe wholeheartedly in the zodiac, this would totally be the one I’ve believe in. Check the Sagg’. Oh yeah. Bang. >:3

“You need to act as a counselor to someone close today — maybe with a problem you know little about. Draw on your experience and do your best, but don’t shy away from the responsibility.” … Well, that makes me feel better about today. I give horrible advise. Whatever it is, it should go swell. 9_9

I’m half-and-half about the accuracy of the stars and how they may or may not effect us. Until we can find the exact force that the stars and planets have on us and measure it, I’m not throwing my hat on either side of the line.

Heh… I open an email from Outspark, and, look, free stuff. @_@ A super-potion of some sort, and a snazzy red dress… >:P You could at least throw in a pair of cat ears. Of course, I know it’s a ploy to get me to look at the other things in the store and buy some ‘Spark Cash’. You knew that too, right?

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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