Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. Today is for drawing. It just is. Yesterday was for games, but today is for drawing.

I am under the influence of some kind of heavy, headdy, dream-like state. And I can’t seem to pry my mind out of it, either. It doesn’t feel bad enough to try and break out of it. Hell, maybe it’ll make me draw better.

I’m browsing Furry pics at the moment. Anything worth a laugh or a look will probably meet your peepers below. I’m honestly doing this to wake up… -_-;

In any language, a hug is a hug. :3

Random thought: revise abandoned fursona namesake for which you still have artsite profiles for. It’s just embarrassing… :P

Hmm… it amazes me how much yiff i accumulate when I set my mind to it. Then again, seeing as to that’s how I discovered the fandom, I shouldn’t be surprised at all. ^_^; (no, i won’t post any here. what do you want me to do, loose my account… :P)

Aaaaaand, speaking of yiff…

Ooooo, shiny-shiny-shiny!!! OwO

… Sorry. Natural feline reaction. ^_^;;;

You know, I think the pizza place is getting a little lax about pests…

Angry rat is angry.

Well, I should probably cut this nonsense out…

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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